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The desire which makes my heart to think and mind to feel, the turbulance sends electricity through my body. I am changed and all the priorities in my life have changed.  I am really tired of watching my footsteps, to think about all my actions, to think that if I did that thing correctly or not. I know I am not free. I am trying to become free. But the more I try to be free, I am failing to keep track of my footsteps. I feel watching my footsteps earlier didn’t give me anything and I should not track my footsteps this time also. But if I don’t do this, I feel suffocated. Like, I am in a tight container, I can’t breathe and my heart beat is going down and down.

Blessings of 2nd April – I think not even at one moment I felt blessed. Day was suffocating. Thank God it passed.

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