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I always love surprises. And now the time is coming when my most important surprise will be revealed to me. I don’t know how long will it take for that surprise (don’t know if I have to call it surprise) to come. My parents have started searching a guy for me. I don’t know if I am ready for the start of new phase of life or not.

I had chat with my cousion. Today he went to see some girl. But he didn’t like the girl. He is half confused. According to him, the girl lacks feminine characteristics. He didn’t mean look, complexion and her dressing sense. He met girl just like an informal meeting. He was telling me he didn’t like the way the girl was walking. There should me something which reflects feminine characteristics and the girl was lacking in that. He wants my advise on this and I myself don’t know what exactly to say.

Every person has some dreams about his/her life partner. But there are many things on which we have to make compromise. I should not call it compromise, but love – the love to accept the differences. My mind is addling me. I am thinking how it feels if someone rejects you or when you reject someone. Isn’t love marriages are good in this?

If some boy will be coming to see me, I can’t even imagine, how many things will be running in this mind! If I think about myself, I can see many negative things about me. Can in arrange marriage is it possible for someone to accept me like that?

But, how it goes……..if I get acceptance or rejection………I am looking forward for the new phase coming in my life. This wait is making my stomach to giggles.

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