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Smitten by solitary marigold


in some lonesome corner


succumbing to death


Made me to plant marigold


in my own ravishing garden.


Each passing second made me 


doleful, gloomy, my life in blue.


Each second when I saw


tainted leaves of marigold


rancid flowers dying!


May be angels forgot to rain……


I cried whole night, amuck tears


showered to water my marigold.


I failed with my swollen, puffy eyes


I failed horrendously


I failed for I cannot see death.


I replanted my marigold


in same lonesome corner


in a hope,


originality is what,


which gives strength to fight.


I can now see my marigold


fighting death and surviving with new bud


Adieu is not some good bye to end……


but good bye to hold on forever in memory.

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Today after long a time our PG gang of girls went out to roam recklessly. Romeo girls in love with balmy breeze and drizzles, we all were showing the photography artistic skills clicking every flower on the roadside. I would have never known that our area is ‘a brimful bouquet’, lavishing with beauty everywhere.
My clicks………..

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office office

So, today after a long time our corporate service department kept Choclate Biscuits in the pantry. The box was totally full when I went for meeting. Can’t control if I see Bourbon Bicuits, I took one, just only ONE  😦  I was not knowing everyone is so hungry here, they can’t leave even half of biscuit. Within one hour the meeting finished…..the box is empty now. Empty like, someone has washed the container and then kept it again. H went to the next floor in a hope that she can get one biscuit. Alas! Really, whole of my office employees are so crazy about these Bourbon. And next thing that can make them wacky is Chiki………..Next time I will be prepare for this war to grab as many as I can………..Good Luck to me!

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Blogging Addiction is popping-up in my life. It has become my favorite time pass. While aimlessly surfing I came across one blog DullBrightness which gave a pricking sensation to me. Lines of one of post ‘Lost in translation’ ………

“You sit alone in the boggling crowd, trying to establish a connection, but nobody or nothing around you seems to connect. It’s like you’ve never been a part of the cosmos. Your conception of self is blurred, immensely nebulous…you want to run away – from words, from beings, from objects and transcend into the hallucination of an opiate. You try to delve deeper into what a sane man would term ‘sense’, and you lose faith in sanity itself.”

What you think………..Are you Alone?

I have seen many blogs having no comments, not even one! But these bloggers keep on writing, continuing as long as three-four years or even more than that. My blog carries many feelings, emotions and represent a part of me, my life. I feel it is more of me and I don’t need anyone else, in-case if no-one turns up to read my words. I started my blog with exactly these intentions. But now I feel difference in the semantics of these words. Somehow I feel, some one should come here and read my words. I want ideas, love, response, want to be criticized and I want to see how deep other can understand my words. But one thing I always wanted about comments that they should be true, from heart not like as one of my friend says, just ‘BlogEtiquette’. Comments are not something like ‘Give and Take’. If I post comment in a blog, it is more of my liking, my love, my ideas towards the blog and every comment is special to me.

Are comments important to you? How you will feel when no one posts in your blog? How far can you go in writing even when no one visits to your blog? How can you define the relationship between you and your blog? These questions are pinging me since the time I have read the post of DullBrightness.

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I am taking this Mosaic Tag from BlueMist, which is chained to Priya’s Mosiac. And don’t know from where the link is starting.

All we have to do is

1. Type our answer to each of the questions below into the Flickr Search

2. Using only the first page, pick an image.

3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the image into the mosaic maker (http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/mosaic.php)

My questions and answers:-

1. What is your first name? – Neilina, But Flickr showed no image for ‘neilina’ 😦  so am going with the meaning of the name – ‘cloud champion’!

2. What is your favourite food? Right now? – I am craving to have hot hot Parantha’s with mango pickle and curd. Heaven!

3. Which high school did you go to? – School gave me best lessons that helped me to succeed as individual. But lessons learned from all the people who are linked with my life, directly or indirectly, helped me to step further as person.

4. What is your favourite color? – Blue, Blue, Blue! I am crazy for Blue. Blue for me carries so much happiness that it can make me to come out from my doom. Among all the colors, my eyeballs will always bind with blue, or any shades of blue.

5. Who is your celebrity crush? – Just now I am thinking about Hugh Grant, my crush after seeing Notting Hills. But my evertime crush is Sanjeev Kumar…Baho mein chale aaoo (Anamika), doesn’t he look so romantic and classic!

6. Favourite Drink? – Cold Coffee. If I have to prepare then 3/4th of the glass will carry Vanilla icecream.

7. Dream Vaccation? – Any silent beach and spending whole night on the seashore.

8. Favourite Dessert? – If I have Hot Fudge, I can’t see anything else.

9. What do you want to be when you grow up? – I guess I have crossed my age limit, but still if I have given a chance, I want to be in AirForce.

10. What do you love most in life? – I love life, every moment, every individual, every breath, every heatbeat…just everything about life!

11. One word to describe you. – Emotional (too much) and sometimes I hate it!

12. Your Flickr name – Neilina

Picture Credits:-

Cloud Champion, Parantha, People, Blue, Hugh Grant, Cold Coffee, Silent Beach, Hot Fudge, Airforce, Life, Emotional, Cloud Champion

And my Mosaic Looks like…………..

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Why are promises made? Why we need to give assurance for the future to someone? Does it not create some sort of obligation, some binding in the relationship? Why don’t we just go and give all the feelings to the relationship in such a way that both the sides know some silent, unsaid promises will always be kept. Promises have captured such an important part of our life, infact I am feeling that the foundation of all the pious relationship starts with ‘promises’.


I see myself in mirage of your promises

rather than in mirror which you hold.

Why are promises made?

Has the sky also promised mother

to shower rain,

light the night with stars and moon?

Has the air also promised the leaves

for thrilling life,

unending growth and balmy love?

May be yes,

May be a promise made in silence!

Why are promises made?


Why enigma spirals around my life

And you need to give me

derision binding with some subtle words

languid in falseness.

I collect your warm raindrop promises

on my palm, hiding it from sun

But with a fear when barren will appear,

these raindrops will turn vultures

gashing every portion of my soul.

I can’t see now ladder of your promises

but derision binding of my expectations.


Why are promises made?

You always draw love aroma by promises

Assuring me that you are always by my side

You are just a treacherous hunter, hunting my dreams

Please, don’t bind me….

Even I know you are just bystander

But I love to hear your words,

these falseness, meaningless

even when I know they are metaphors, fairy tales!

I love when you captivate me within promise bars

and I love to shout, “Why are promises made?”

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I found this article in ‘Times Of India’ newspaper under what used to be called Speaking Tree Section. I really liked the wordings of Irish Prayers there! And what can be the best way to keep them with me, other than posting them on my sweet Blog!

“May there always be work for your hands to do. May your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine on your window pane. May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of friend always be near to you, and May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you”.

Often the brevity holds a sweet poetic reality: “May you have warm words on a cold evening. A full moon on a dark night. And the road downhill all the way to your door. If God sends you down a stony path, may he give you strong shoes.”

John O’Donohue, the Irish Catholic poet and theologian in his last book “To Bless the Space between us” has written,”Blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen ….. when a blessing is invoked, a window opens in eternal time.”. His blessings for solitude says,”May you learn to see your self. With the same delight, pride and expectation, with which God sees you in every moment.”

“On the day when the weight deadens on your shoulders and you stumble, may the clay dance to balance you…”.. “And so may a slow wind work these words of love around you, an invisible cloak to mind your life.”

Blessings for All of you, Blessings for the whole universe!

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No thought is flickering my mind

I am aphonic in this silence

except with few shallow, hollow words

jumping to come out from my cerebrum.

You want to hear some

trendy, inspiring, knowledge worthy story

which can capture your feelings

or can change your life for good.

Mind always wants to receive,

a sort of divine attraction is felt in reception!

My words are fruitless, impotent, meaningless

My phonetics are sleeping

I am voiceless, speechless!

I just wish to go deep down in your heart

and to write a song of your heartbeats,

the song which is carried all along in your blood!

But I can’t

But I wish I can.

I wish to be brilliant in expression!

Pendulum always swings between

words said, which we shouldn’t

which we should, words remain unsaid!

These jingles give birth to senseless

like if I say

“dhihdi ahdhiuh ahyekfo fhushki”

– result of random hitting of keys!

– vomiting of random reflexes!

Not all the words carry meaning

I wish you can understand

I wish you can understand

when I randomly hit keys to say something

to write those senseless, meaningless words.

I wish you can!

I wish!


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Blast Blast Blast! What is happening to this world???? What these crab people want? Seriously, from where one human being gets the courage to kill other?? From where these psychic people are coming? There is some sort of different fear is growing in my heart. It appears this problem has no solution. If something happens me here…..aarey, I want to be in my city. And again the thought of losing whom I love is occupying my mind.

H, G and me went for movie. And in-between we left movie and came back. G’s parents called to tell to come early as 16 Blasts exploded in Ahmadabad and they diffused one bomb in JP Nagar. Gosh! From everywhere you are hearing only ‘bomb’ news. In my city also curfew is going on. Please God, let this time end, Please!

I remember once on 26th Jan, father went to see the republic day parade in Stadium. That time a powerful bomb exploded there also. When all were in complete tension, until he reached safely back to home. It feels loony to live a life, a life which is occupied by fear at every step. And it feels more miserable when you know the cause of fear is someone else, for which you can’t do anything! Totally Helpless!

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Aaaahaa…..this is first time, someone (except my mom), has written a poem for me….. 🙂  🙂 The poetry magic is all spreading in PG, and I am happy my friend has come-up with few lines for me…….Love You A!

There is one danger combination

 of a dreamer and a philosopher

We got one here with us………..imagine that!

She has got nothing else on mind,

waiting for her prince charming  🙂

Guys, please don’t care to come this way…

if you love your life!

But thats how life is!!

We like the philosophy behind it!

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