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Some relations………

  • You want to keep with you always and always, for whole of your life.
  • You think it would have been much better if that they have come earlier in your life. Life would have been so different then!
  • You want to leave them and never want them to re-appear in life.
  • Some just lingers with life. You never feel for them from heart.
  • Some are always welcome and you are ready to give them ‘farewell’ any time. But you always keep them in your heart.
  • Some are just dragging with simple ‘Hi’. Never your mind gave a thought on them!
  • Some just occupy your life unknowingly and you miss them when they go.
  • You delibrately let them go even if you know they are important part of your life.
  • Some re-appear and you keep on finding the reason.
  • Some fills your lap with so much love and then hides in some invisible world. And you never try to find the reason ‘why?’

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Smoking is as addicted as breathing. If someone smokes (unless they are close to me) I am never bothered by their smoking habits. Let them!

I never faced any experience which made me to realize how much it can bother other people until today. I went with some questions to my fellow teammate (now knowing that he just came from outside after puffing his lungs with smoke). And while he was explaining, what my nose could breathe was offensive smell of smoking, like the traumatize air was just blown on my face. Gosh! It was horrible and horrible! God knows how I controlled myself not to vomit. But surely, that fellow must have got some hints by my face. I cannot stand this!

Can someone please tell these people atleat wash their face or chew something after smoking or to put handkerchief over their mouth if it is that necessary to talk to someone after smoking!

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