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Looking back and

seeing pieces of time

scattered in life,

sometimes I remember

two teens gathering love

and then separated

when wisdom told them

the secret above love.

I remember her who

had crush on that boy

always she made her

to believe that she was in love

for she loved to be in love.

I remember her who

loved to collect every tiny

moment and loved to keep

in her Pandora box.

Never they talked,

but secretly she spoke

some words with her heart

Never they looked

but secretly she glanced

thinking he was seeing her.

The chimeric fairy love story

was about to begin

when that boy thought of love

But she stepped back, making noise

so that the fairies of her story

could hear her departing steps.

I remember her Pandora box

broken long ago, setting her free

I remember……

Is there anyone else who remember her?

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I can see your marks

headed towards my door

everyday. Even then,

Every time when I ask you,

I get to hear…..

“I haven’t come”

Whom to believe?

You or Your Marks?

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