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These days typical conversation between my mom and me involves my mom’s favourite topic ‘marriage’. And whenever I tell her, give me one more year, I am not yet ready for marriage and to take all the responsibilities, she angrily shouts, “you have got job, now well-settled, I don’t understand for whom you want to wait now. There is time for everything. When I was of your age, M (my young bro) had already started going to kindergarten.” What excuse should I give her? Hope she could understand I am hanging in dilemma. I guess it happens with everyone. That is another story. On one side, sometimes I do feel to get married and have ‘my own home’ especially when I go to some supermarket and see all the homely things. I just wish I can buy them and then decorate my sweet home. On one side, having no idea who will come in my life makes me pendulous. Now I wish I should have gone for love marriage. There is no love line given on my palm and absence of it has always created repulsion between me and love. Now I am too old, even to think about love 😀  My parent’s selection criteria works like this……..

  • Guy should be from J (my native).
  • He should of my caste.
  • Horoscopes should match.
  • His surname should not be same as my mother’s family surname (when I asked her why? I got to hear, “This is the custom. It happens like this only”)
  • Preferably he should be working in some IT company (When I asked her the reason. The obvious answer was compatibility. And when I told her I don’t want to work after marriage, she went into topsy-turvy situation 😀 )
  • The guy should not be settled outside India.


And when someone asks me about my criteria, I say ,”The guy should be tall. I always love to wear heels. And don’t want to abandon wearing heels after my marriage 😀 ”

Whatever it is, I am totally loving this journey. And I guess the enjoyment will come to end once some proposal will get fix. I just pray God to give me some time. And ‘HE’ will surely give me, afterall he knows me better than anyone else 🙂 Like the way it is happening, some proposal is coming, not satisfying their selection criteria, and then my mom telling me on the phone…”Where are you hiding…Oh! Mother’s Son, appear for my daughter” and I am telling her,”Don’t say anything about my Pati Dev” and our laugh continuing endlessly. Wish this time never ends!

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World is a perfect stage. You can get to see the most bizarre things on one side and on other side the simplest. Few days back, while surfing I came across some freakish researches and to me they all appeared funny and weird.


“Research suggests that men from polygamist cultures live 12 per cent longer than those who limit their affections to one woman at a time”

But ‘how?’ May be more women in their life means they will get more concern and care. I suppose this research suggests women are the best care taker 😉 But on my personal side, I will not ever let my husband to know about this research 😀 I don’t think anyone can take care of ‘him’ like the way I can 😉


“Rising early to go to work or exercise might not be beneficial to health, but rather a risk for vascular diseases.”

Wow! Now no need to get up early for exercise. This is the first thing I am gonna tell to my mom today when she will call 🙂


“If the people you are around are fat then you have an increased chance that you will be overweight as well.”


How many of you believe this? Well, if I reflect back on my life, it holds true for me. I am too lazy and not regular on my walk or exercise. I am more kinda of shilly-shally and it really unnerves me to go out alone for walk or to have some eatables. It all depends on my friends. If they are there then somehow I can make my mind. 

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