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In the morning when I got up I just prayed, “Let I be same as yesterday” and the way it is, never my solicit prayers are atoned, so here I am in a mood that I hate to be in.

Yesterday, I was with entirely new feeling and I guess that was the first time I experienced such tranquility and calmness in my mind. I enjoyed my loneliness like anything. I didn’t meet any of my friend, didn’t talk with many people and didn’t bother about anyone. Best thing was that I was not thinking about people. Otherwise, my mind is always occupied with the thoughts of people. I was thinking about me, universe, the leaves which are dancing, the clouds. I was enjoying like anything watching the nature, as if everything was meant for me only. Sometimes we need not listen any words, we don’t require any feeling from someone, we never talk, we know very well that other is not at all bothered by our presence or absence, but yet we feel filled. Just a contact is important, most simplest yet most powerful one! I know may be somewhere I am not important part of universe, but yesterday ‘important’ or anything else hadn’t come between me and universe. I felt extreme happy seeing the universe. The way clouds were coming from opposite sides and then mingling to give us rain was awesome. 

There are so many changes happening just for me and never I have influenced this change drama. I am spectator of my own show, watching the character played by me only. How it feels when at the same moment you are both actor and spectator? How it feels…..I know, I felt yesterday!

And today, I am again into the same labyrinth. Isn’t it surprising that in just a blink of a second my mood swings from one unknown corner to my own very familiar corner.

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You ruminated your mind

with millions of questions

Expected to get answers

without asking even yourself

When nothing reflected

You went into deep sleep

to escape from complexity

to get answers from inside.

Did you hear something?

I never heard,

even song of my heartbeats

I never realized

I never gave spaces

where answer would rest

where meaning would sprout

where my song would born

I know now……

‘even meager spaces give

holistic difference to life’



“But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love; let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your soul”

~ Kahlil Gibran

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