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For me superstition is something which can make my heart happy if something related to them come true. If I come to know it is bad omen, I try to fly away the thought, “This is all rubbish, I should not believe them” 🙂

Some new superstitions are added in my life recently by the grace of my fellow friends.

  • The first star in the night sky is ‘wish’ star. When you see first star, make a wish and then you should not speak a word until you see the second star in the sky. God knows how many wishes I have made and many of them I don’t remember now. It was funny one day, when we all were using sign language, unable to find out the second star in the night sky.
  • If rice remains un-cook someday, then good luck is with you. Make the best use of that lucky day.
  • If you concentrate and speak some words in your heart to some un-bothered person in the crowd, then that person will surely turn to see you. I haven’t tried this one, but according to my friends this magic holds true in their life.
  • Keep water under the bed while you sleep in night and in the morning throw away the water into the plants. This wipes out all your negative energy. I guess it is not superstition but more of Vastu as I remember to read something like this in one book.

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