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I really feel blessed that I am born as a girl. This post is not a debate on ‘men are from mars, women are from Venus’. It is simply about why I love being a woman. There are some instances I recently noticed and really Thank God that He (am also not sure whether God is he) made me woman. If I would have been born as man, I guess, and then also I would be happy. God is very smart in distribution. Both are incomplete without each and other.

  • I recently felt that men are more insecure and require more emotional support than women. They love to pretend tough but only extrinsically. I have found many times myself hanging in situation where I need emotional support. I guess if I would have been born as man, this would be the toughest thing for me.
  • Men miss something with a depth that is immeasurable. I have seen a father who is counting each day since her daughter left home after marriage. I can’t explain in words the expression he was carrying when he said, ” H, you know it is 321 days since you left your home”. Men do cry, but they can never show tear. They have to be tough. I remember my father when he left me in Pune and couldn’t turn back to see me with eyes full of tears. Thank God, being a women it is not difficult for me to cry.
  • There are so many topics that we women can talk about. S and U, my lunch mates in company are getting married in December. They are guys and they don’t have any topic to discuss on marriage. Their conversation is restricted to buying flat or where to go for honeymoon. If they would have women, we all can talk starting from make-up to children.
  • I have never seen men laughing on silly jokes. Their conversation is more of serious kind. And I love to laugh even on the silliest joke.
  • Women can spend full day in parlor, enjoying and relaxing. But I have never seen a guy going to saloon and spending full day in grooving himself.

I noticed these things recently, so thought of writing them down. Feels like more to come for this post in future, will add it then!

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