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Today the topic on Sunday Scribbling is ‘Wedding’. I thought of capturing the feelings of bride in my words. I have no idea what bride feels on her wedding day, but just wanted to give a try. So here are my some raw words……

Just few steps to go when you and I will be ‘us’

Just few steps to go when eternity will sit in our lap


As I take one step

I feel your eyes on me

          shyness and pride surrounds me

Feels like I can hear those silent

          words sending tickling on my way


As I take next step

I gift my life to you

          for the music from two strings of a lute

Feels like I am now heart

          with heartbeats sitting deep inside you


As I take next step

I offer all my dreams

          to become petal of the same flower

Feels like a promise

          of eternal love for flower to be alive forever


As I take next step

I find myself in your life

          which I have shared unknowingly somewhere

Feels like you are my shooting star

          appeared to shower blessings for my love


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