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I can say that for me september month is ‘Pendulum Swing’ month. At the start of the month, I swung to the extreme end of my mood; I guess that was the worst part of me when I couldn’t think anything positive. And in the middle of the month, my mood started to change, may be because of some unknown aura and I swung to the other end of me. And towards the end, I was left alone. Swing to be made with energy gathered from inside. I am now still. The gifts that this month showered on me………

  • Best day of the month was when I went with H and G. One whole saturday I spent with them and it was just awesome. I always feel so much comfortable with them. We went to some SLV Coffee Bar and I had the best ever dosa in Bangalore 🙂 Thanks September for bringing that day in my life.
  • I always expect so much from relationship, even if the relationship is restricted to simple ‘Hi’. At the start of the month, what my soul urge number says, “You have a deep compulsive need to connect with others and if this does not happen, your personality will distort itself in all kinds of ways” came true. Don’t know why with some people I always feel some sort of attachment. And if the attachment thread is lose on other side, it is very difficult for me to carry vague thread. But as the month proceeded, I went more into tranquil state. My mantra of ‘letting go’ is working for me. And the best thing, no implacable feeling inside me.
  • One book really gave tears to my eyes. This was the first book that moved me too much. I just love ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’.
  • I have started getting the effect of IT. When I first landed in my job, I heard everyone saying…… ‘Oh Man’. Don’t know why this ‘man’ word is so popular in IT. Some of my conversation saw this word. When I talk, I feel like to keep my conversation simple and effective and till now am restricting myself not to use this word very often.
  • It was good when P herself called on her birthday so that I could wish her as I couldn’t call her at 12, the previous night. I felt happy.
  • My August Funda of drawing lines, again faded. The belief, ‘I am journeyer here and I will do the things that really please me, that is what really matters in the end’ became more stronger in this month.
  • On office front, I got new cubicle. I am loving it. Now the thought, ‘How can I decorate my sweet cube’ just hangs in my mind. Working in new team is a good experience and I am enjoying it.

Welcome October………..

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