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  • From morning it started, by seeing the unknown people on the roadside you are just trying to make out similarity with the familiar faces. And today, I hit my maximum count. I ‘saw’ one of my blogger friend, N (my friend), few of my relatives. And stupidity reached to the height when I was just staring the uncle inside car to see if he’s my ‘actual’ uncle and then my virtual ‘uncle’ passed a smile on noticing mine eagle eye.
  • You accompany friend to a sweet shop and after seeing Jalebiyour tongue tells the mind to have one. But thinking may be you get late, you do away with the thought. And surprisingly, you get Jalebi in the dinner 😀
  • You finally get the time (actually make-up the mind) to decorate your cube. 🙂
  • Your trip in the weekend jumps from planning to reality. For me, hardy it crosses the line and keeps on hanging in my illusion. *touch wood*

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Happy Republic Day!!

Holiday morning when you are not in a mood even to open your eyes, SMS tone makes you to get-up. Oh yeah….today is Republic Day and that is the first and the last message (Still the day is pending and am not expecting any more to come) that you get for this day. Where I have lost my passion and zeal that always made me to wait eagerly for this day?

Daddy always made us to get up early morning on this day with his words, “What will happen to India if all her young children are  sleeping still?” My bro and me, after getting ready and with glass of milk under two blankets were always in ebullient mood to watch Republic Day Parade on Doordarshan. How  eagerly we were waiting that day when we came to know that our cousin was showing-up in the republic day Parade! Simple moments, simple joy but great happiness from life.

And today when I was surfing the channels, I again stopped to see my country’s Republic Day Parade. All the memories just flashed in-front of eyes. It really felt great to see my friends standing when our Anthem showed-up. Even if, many things have changed, but  the love, the fervor, the different feeling that comes after hearing the word ‘India’  is still the same and in-fact it has surely increased.


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Here is my in-take for this week of Sunday Scribbling

As the sun sweeps darkness 

glorifying little world of mine 

I step outside 

to see canvas of my life. 

A hope sprouts to discover stains 

of life’s vacillating memories 

on my pure white canvas of life. 

Who knows…….. 

I have covered my canvas 

with transparent white sheet 

showing me to the world 

but hiding me from myself. 

As if memory is my shadow 

lingering with the body 

without sense of touch. 

As the night sweeps brightness 

glorifying mysteries of life 

I lay there on my bed 

waiting for a transition  

of shadows into phantoms 

ready to spill magic of colors 

on my pure white canvas.



Sometimes life appears to me like a pure white canvas. I can’t think of even one memory that has truly rejoiced my life or has shaken me from inside. I wait for the colors when they will be spilled on my white canvas. (Sorry Guys for not being around often. Just caught-up into unnecessary chores of life…..hope so, from this post I will be regular on my blog *sorry*)

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Today the topic on Sunday Scribbling is ‘Organic’ and here is my intake on the subject…..


          of fading relations


          of unbroken threads


          of paragon memories


          of vanishing glares


          of crushed yearning


          of innocent tears


          of unbridle happiness


          of silent words

Will all be vanished from my life?

          Simply because…

I am organic

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You cannot say ‘no’ to the people you love, not often. That’s the secret. And when you do, it has to sound like ‘yes’. Or you have to make them say No. 

~Don Vito Corleone

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I weaved the twigs


high-up on my starfruit tree


to have a nest, a home


for my blue bird


who has flown away


to some unknown horizon.


Like a wooden smile


which has come to rest


on my lips,


for me to realize


my smile is just my nest


my nest in poverty of wait


for her blue bird


my smile in poverty of faith


for her happiness




both of them are rich  


in fakeness of my life



This is my intake for Sunday Scribbling in-take for the week. The topic is ‘for richer or poorer’. From SS…….. 

Twists of fortune, wedding vows, the woes of the economy, dreams of riches. You might write about what it was like being a poor college student, or what you’d do if you won the lottery. Or about what true riches are, or different kinds of poverty: poverty of the spirit, of the imagination, of the pocket. Have you ever encountered true poverty? How about ridiculous wealth? Most of us probably fall in the huge spectrum in between, but if you’ve had any experiences with the extremes, it might be interesting to write about that.

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I am now with Paulo’s ‘BY THE RIVER PIEDRA I SAT DOWN AND WEPT’. And few things in the book just made me to think very hard. The words….

“And we (women) came to understand the cycle of creation, because our bodies repeat the rhythm of the moon……that the moon was a reflection of my womanhood”

That night when I read these words, I went out to see the moon. Can I see the woman in the moon? I tried to find me in the moon – the woman I am! This was the first time when I was visualizing moon as feminine. And really it feels great to know about moon as symbol of feminism. Moon is Me!

When I surfed, most of the sites talked about the mysteries of moon and womanhood in menstruation. This, in turn lead our ancestors to associate the event of mensuration with the symbolism of the Womb of Tomb. This supported what the ancients saw occuring in the sky; the ability of the Moon to transform, change, and disappear for three days and then suddenly reappear to live again – having correspondence with Menstrual Cycle. And I have read about the ‘three faces of woman’ and now I found another face of woman, making it as ‘Four Faces of Woman’.

  • Dark Moon/New Moon – Rising moon not yet visible. At the end of this stage a very small crescent can be seen. Face of Woman – Hag. Both at the end and the beginning of the moon cycle’s, indicates turning inward, future potentials, concentration of essential energies, spiritual emphasis for the greater whole.
  • Waxing Moon/First Quarter – Can be seen in the west during the first part of the night. Appear to be getting fatter. Face of Woman – Maiden: indicative of developing personality, self absorption, drawing things toward her. Moon shows fast flowing incoming energies, things put in motion with effort, face facts, overcome obstacles.
  • Full Moon – Night of full moon on the 3rd day is when this stage ends. Face of Woman – Young Mother: product of involvement, has a developed and mature personality.
  • Waning Moon/Last Wuarter – The moon appears to be thinner and is reducing to a thin narrow crescent again. Face of Woman: Grandmother: concerned with entire family and community, giving one’s own experience of self development, teaching others of what she has learned. Moon shows outgoing energies, letting go of what is no longer needed or required, resolution of situations, finalizing conditions, rid of troubles and unwanted conditions.

I know next time when I will be looking at the moon, I will surely see the woman hiding inside her. But don’t know why till at this point, I never bothered myself or never tried to look into the feminine side of nature. Nature must be a woman!!

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