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I weaved the twigs


high-up on my starfruit tree


to have a nest, a home


for my blue bird


who has flown away


to some unknown horizon.


Like a wooden smile


which has come to rest


on my lips,


for me to realize


my smile is just my nest


my nest in poverty of wait


for her blue bird


my smile in poverty of faith


for her happiness




both of them are rich  


in fakeness of my life



This is my intake for Sunday Scribbling in-take for the week. The topic is ‘for richer or poorer’. From SS…….. 

Twists of fortune, wedding vows, the woes of the economy, dreams of riches. You might write about what it was like being a poor college student, or what you’d do if you won the lottery. Or about what true riches are, or different kinds of poverty: poverty of the spirit, of the imagination, of the pocket. Have you ever encountered true poverty? How about ridiculous wealth? Most of us probably fall in the huge spectrum in between, but if you’ve had any experiences with the extremes, it might be interesting to write about that.


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