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Here is my in-take for this week of Sunday Scribbling

As the sun sweeps darkness 

glorifying little world of mine 

I step outside 

to see canvas of my life. 

A hope sprouts to discover stains 

of life’s vacillating memories 

on my pure white canvas of life. 

Who knows…….. 

I have covered my canvas 

with transparent white sheet 

showing me to the world 

but hiding me from myself. 

As if memory is my shadow 

lingering with the body 

without sense of touch. 

As the night sweeps brightness 

glorifying mysteries of life 

I lay there on my bed 

waiting for a transition  

of shadows into phantoms 

ready to spill magic of colors 

on my pure white canvas.



Sometimes life appears to me like a pure white canvas. I can’t think of even one memory that has truly rejoiced my life or has shaken me from inside. I wait for the colors when they will be spilled on my white canvas. (Sorry Guys for not being around often. Just caught-up into unnecessary chores of life…..hope so, from this post I will be regular on my blog *sorry*)


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