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Happy Republic Day!!

Holiday morning when you are not in a mood even to open your eyes, SMS tone makes you to get-up. Oh yeah….today is Republic Day and that is the first and the last message (Still the day is pending and am not expecting any more to come) that you get for this day. Where I have lost my passion and zeal that always made me to wait eagerly for this day?

Daddy always made us to get up early morning on this day with his words, “What will happen to India if all her young children are  sleeping still?” My bro and me, after getting ready and with glass of milk under two blankets were always in ebullient mood to watch Republic Day Parade on Doordarshan. How  eagerly we were waiting that day when we came to know that our cousin was showing-up in the republic day Parade! Simple moments, simple joy but great happiness from life.

And today when I was surfing the channels, I again stopped to see my country’s Republic Day Parade. All the memories just flashed in-front of eyes. It really felt great to see my friends standing when our Anthem showed-up. Even if, many things have changed, but  the love, the fervor, the different feeling that comes after hearing the word ‘India’  is still the same and in-fact it has surely increased.



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