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  • From morning it started, by seeing the unknown people on the roadside you are just trying to make out similarity with the familiar faces. And today, I hit my maximum count. I ‘saw’ one of my blogger friend, N (my friend), few of my relatives. And stupidity reached to the height when I was just staring the uncle inside car to see if he’s my ‘actual’ uncle and then my virtual ‘uncle’ passed a smile on noticing mine eagle eye.
  • You accompany friend to a sweet shop and after seeing Jalebiyour tongue tells the mind to have one. But thinking may be you get late, you do away with the thought. And surprisingly, you get Jalebi in the dinner 😀
  • You finally get the time (actually make-up the mind) to decorate your cube. 🙂
  • Your trip in the weekend jumps from planning to reality. For me, hardy it crosses the line and keeps on hanging in my illusion. *touch wood*

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