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BlueMist once had posted her compilation post here. Since then, I was feeling to give it a try. Just in my blues, don’t know how I will come out of this……

For once you should……

  • Escape from everything and hide somewhere
  • Just take a step towards what you think is your destiny
  • Don’t bother about people, who really doesn’t matter in your life
  • Take a break and spend time with your family
  • Spend whole night in moonlight reading favourite book with background music
  • Cry out and speak your heart, even if nothing is there.
  • Dance a while
  • Realize love in your life
  • Buy flowers for yourself
  • Gift yourself
  • Share old memories with someone
  • Listen with your heart
  • Think and do something that doesn’t inclue ‘me’
  • Say ‘no’ when you really feel for something
  • Dont’ make things too complicated
  • Laugh till your stomach aches
  • Write something when you are travelling
  • Stop judging people
  • Blow a kiss for your reflection in the mirror
  • Forgive even when it hurted you like hell
  • Thank God for all you have
  • Smile even when nothing happened
  • Trust and Believe
  • Keep hope and Faith

P.S. Written whatever I am feeling at this moment. Will give another shot for ‘what I wish’.

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Oh My Stranger……….

I always feel you

among detached faces

where unknown masks

don’t know why

carries puzzled warmth

with romanesque tremor

Oh My Stranger…………..

You are on my mind

Just that my imagination

is an enemy of my vision

Dreams are dreams

don’t know why

always confined within

realm of soothing feels

Oh My Stranger………

I have always known ‘you’

as a stranger would have

known another stranger

But don’t know why

Still then

I keep on wondering

“Do you think of me as a stranger too?”

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Some days……

These are some of those days…….

  • Unnecessarily you start taking tension of every bit in your life.
  • Confidence seems to be lost somewhere.
  • Irritation just sits on your nose, ready to poke in your everyday affairs.
  • Everything around you seems to be too dull. You are always in a try to change everything.
  • You are suspicios of other’s words.

Let this phase ends. Don’t know where that girl has gone who is ‘neilina’ in true sense.

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BlueMist Akka…..opps! Sis……..has tagged me for 50 Questions Meme. So here the TAG goes……

1. Were you named after anyone?
My first name was Malti….but later my parents got to know it was also the name of one of our old old old lady neighbour. So, they decided to change my name and the first name that they liked, everyone now calls me with that name. 

2. When was the last time you cried?
– Day before yesterday only when I was on a bed with fever, remembering the parent’s care. It really sucks to be in fever without your parents. 

3. Do you like your handwriting?
-Oh yeah! I am totally in love with my ‘past’ handwriting.

4. What is your favorite lunch meat?
– Meat or Meal? I guess Meal……anything yaar…..Now-a-days I keep on craving for good food, especially seeing the sumptuous food pics posted by BlueMist.

5. Do you have kids?
– First ask…..”Are you Married?” 

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
– Sure,  I will be my best friend.

7. Do you use sarcasm?
– Sarcasm………ye word tow apun ki dictionary mein hai hi nahin 😀

8. Do you still have your tonsils?
– I guess not. Yesterday my doctor was also looking for them, but he couldn’t find any 🙂

9. Would you bungee jump?
– Yes Yes Yes………..

10. What is your favorite cereal
– All…….Please, stop asking about food!

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
– Yeah, have to!!

12. If you were to pick your own first name, what would it be?
– I have already picked……Neilina!!

13. What is your favorite ice cream?
– Hot Fudge, choclate and Vanilla.

14. What is the first thing you notice about people?
– Their expression….if smile is there on their face or not and then hygiene!

15. Red or pink?
– Earlier it was pink, but now am bending towards red….. 😉

16. What is your least favorite thing about yourself
– I am emotionally tooooooooo dependent.

17. Whom do you miss the most?
– My Mom and the little me!

18. Do you want everyone to complete this list?
– Yep, I want to…..but, depends on other also! Jaise jag walo ki ichcha!

19. What color pants and shoes are you wearing?
– Black…I don’t like to wear shoes in home.

21. What are you listening to right now?
Tose Naina Lage

22. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
– Blue….

23. Favorite smells?
– First rain, White Charlie Perfurme, Food, newly washed clothes.

24. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
– My Brother – am still on phone with him 😀

25. How do you know the person who sent this to you
– She is my sweet BlueMist Akka! 🙂

26. Favorite sports to watch?
– No baba….No sports please!

27. Hair color?
Reddish brown Black

28. Eye color?

29. Do you wear contacts?
– Yeah, without contacts, I can’t see anything…ek dum Andhi!

30. Favorite foods?
– Again Foood???? Please, aur nahin!

31. Scary movies or happy endings?
– Happy endings………Can’t bear the burden of sad stories!

32. Last movie you watched?
– Rab Ne Bana Di Jori……..fir milege chalte chalte 🙂

33. What color shirt are you wearing?
– Blue

34. Summer or winter
– Both….Summer, my b’day to come and winters….I love them!

35. Hugs or kisses
– Hmmmm…..Hugs!

37. Describe your pencil cup
– Metal one with one biiiiiiiiiiig logo of my company.

38. Favorite artist(s)?
– My God 🙂

39. What book are you reading now?
– Just finished ‘By the River Piedra I sat down and Wept’ and now thinking about my next pick.

40. What is on your mouse pad?
– I don’t have……… 🙂

41. What did you watch on tv last night?
– Hmmm…..some songs….thats it!

42. Favorite sound(s).
–  Santoor………any musical instrument, waves sound in the night, water flow, babies laugh

43. Rolling stones or Beatles?
– Beatles!

44. What is the farthest you have been from home?
– From north of India to the south tip of India

45. Do you have a special talent?
– Yeah, soooooooo many……….but sorry I can’t count all of them!

46. Where were u born?
– Jammu…..hai na woh aapna J&K, wahi!

47. Favorite piece of jewelry?
– My antique earrings. Looooove them!

48. How did you meet your spouse/significant other?
– Haven’t met yet……. 😦

49. Favorite song?
– Many are there………….list goes on and on……..

50. Favorite musical?
– Keeps on changing……….

Longest Tag is finished…………Hey, thanks BlueMist for the tag!

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The moment I saw the weekly topic of  Sunday Scribblings ‘Sports’,  the mind echoed the following incident of my School day. Flashing back into the age when the only thing that could hurt were wounded knees, Guess what?……I am now in complete nostalgia!

For us, each student carried a sort of ‘house’ (a color) and usually the competitions were held between the houses. My house was ‘green’ which was termed as ‘Pratab House’. Once in my seventh standard, my house captain wrote my name for the up-coming Table Tennis Match even when I told her about my ignorance in TT. She was not getting enough players and to fill her list, I was the victim. She assured me completely that my chance could never come as all the other players were too weak and our house would be ‘out’ in just a couple of minutes. On D-Day, was it some miracle or what, our house was actually winning. For the doubles, I heard my name from somewhere and that moment it appeared as if someone had taken the earth below my feet. I somehow got-up and went near the table. What you can expect from a girl who had never even touched TT racket, the scoldings just started pouring from my Games Teacher. And at last, it was decided and she would be playing from my side. As it was written, our house won the match. Next day to my surprise, in the morning assembly when the results were declared, my name also blinked somewhere among winners. As it would have been, my class teacher got impressed with my ‘sporty’ nature and after few days I saw myself to be the ‘monitor’ of the class.

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that iced mystic stirring cold night

that seashore of high and low tides

when I weaved a song for you…..


that song of void lyrics and melody

that continuous laugh of innocent apathy

when I again renamed silence to song……..


that silence of noises and screams

that another song I started in-middle

when I turned every meaning upside down…..


that slow fading of emotions into thoughts

that road of rusted footsteps to my destiny

when fear sprinkled into strength to standstill……

I still remember to make you forget

our shooting star wish….

– a wish to forget time ticks that melted our cold night

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