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The moment I saw the weekly topic of  Sunday Scribblings ‘Sports’,  the mind echoed the following incident of my School day. Flashing back into the age when the only thing that could hurt were wounded knees, Guess what?……I am now in complete nostalgia!

For us, each student carried a sort of ‘house’ (a color) and usually the competitions were held between the houses. My house was ‘green’ which was termed as ‘Pratab House’. Once in my seventh standard, my house captain wrote my name for the up-coming Table Tennis Match even when I told her about my ignorance in TT. She was not getting enough players and to fill her list, I was the victim. She assured me completely that my chance could never come as all the other players were too weak and our house would be ‘out’ in just a couple of minutes. On D-Day, was it some miracle or what, our house was actually winning. For the doubles, I heard my name from somewhere and that moment it appeared as if someone had taken the earth below my feet. I somehow got-up and went near the table. What you can expect from a girl who had never even touched TT racket, the scoldings just started pouring from my Games Teacher. And at last, it was decided and she would be playing from my side. As it was written, our house won the match. Next day to my surprise, in the morning assembly when the results were declared, my name also blinked somewhere among winners. As it would have been, my class teacher got impressed with my ‘sporty’ nature and after few days I saw myself to be the ‘monitor’ of the class.

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