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BlueMist once had posted her compilation post here. Since then, I was feeling to give it a try. Just in my blues, don’t know how I will come out of this……

For once you should……

  • Escape from everything and hide somewhere
  • Just take a step towards what you think is your destiny
  • Don’t bother about people, who really doesn’t matter in your life
  • Take a break and spend time with your family
  • Spend whole night in moonlight reading favourite book with background music
  • Cry out and speak your heart, even if nothing is there.
  • Dance a while
  • Realize love in your life
  • Buy flowers for yourself
  • Gift yourself
  • Share old memories with someone
  • Listen with your heart
  • Think and do something that doesn’t inclue ‘me’
  • Say ‘no’ when you really feel for something
  • Dont’ make things too complicated
  • Laugh till your stomach aches
  • Write something when you are travelling
  • Stop judging people
  • Blow a kiss for your reflection in the mirror
  • Forgive even when it hurted you like hell
  • Thank God for all you have
  • Smile even when nothing happened
  • Trust and Believe
  • Keep hope and Faith

P.S. Written whatever I am feeling at this moment. Will give another shot for ‘what I wish’.

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