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My New Fear!!

9 o’clock in the early morning! You are waiting in rickshaw for the signal to give you a way. Suddenly you see one eunuch on one side and to avoid him, you turn your face. Ooooh….on the other side, you see two eunuchs coming towards you and just after few seconds they are encircling your auto and asking for money. They won’t agree if you tell 5 bucks, each of them wants 20 bucks. No matter what you say,  they won’t appear to leave. You suddenly become centre of attraction at that signal. And when you give them their asked money, thankfully they leave then. This was one of my day and it continued to happen next day also at the same signal. Guess what, that signal has become my fear point and I hate if my fate brings me to stand there.

I used to believe that these eununch never come near to girls and their targets are mainly males. I have seen them pulling the guys cheeks if they won’t agree to give money. The worst incident happened to me in Hyderabad. It just moves away the earth below my feet even when I think about it. The way they acted with P and me was horrible and first time in my life I shouted like anything on the road.

I have no idea how to handle these kinda situations! 😦

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