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TAG TAG – Numbers!!

I have not been tagged by anyone but stealing this tag from here. It has been very long since I landed in the tag world and the moment I had seen this number tag, had made-up my mind to do it. And today is the day!

What it is supposed to do? If life could be defined in numbers, I have to layout mine.

0 – Holiday mood. For me, this is a sleepy number, not in a mood to do anything.

1 – My birth date! For me, it is all the special moments that had once crossed my life. My body clock’s time to go for lunch.

2 – My experience in IT. Number of schools that I have changed.

3 – Very rare get along with the people having their birth date as 3.  The number of years that I am away from home. Triple bond in my masters. Number of watches that I have.

4 – My life transition number. I landed in bangalore, got selected for my masters, got my job and if it is four, I know it will surely bring some change in my life.

5 – My birth Month. Time for my office cab. Time for which I always think of getting up early morning but never make-up.

6 – This number always make me to remember my six subjects of my study.

7 – My alarm time. Time in the evening that I love most. Makes me to remember my favourite teacher of 7th standard. Number of pictures of God, I have in my puja room. Number of soft toys that I have now in my room.

8 – Very few people have crossed my life with this birthdate and whoseoever crossed are good friends. Number of books that are pending for me to read.

9 – Always felt a special bond with this number. Mine lucky number. If it is 9 somewhere, I will surely make somehow. Time at which I start for my office.

Everyone is invited to take this tag!!

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