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Sooner Or Later?

He said, “Sooner or Later?”

And I decided on “Sooner” if “Later” it would have to happen. But by the time I took my decision many thoughts crossed my mind and somewhere one thought crossed my life like a shooting star making me paralyze.

I am wondering what if I would have gone for “Later”. But by the time “later” would have come, may be I would have died hundred times from the burden of heaps collected on the my life’s seashore by the wave of time.

I always desire and still wish for just one strong wave that will take all the collected heap from my life, making my sea shore a smooth one. And “Sooner” is making me to do that!

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Just thinking….

Is it okay to compromise in a relationship? But a relationship should never be based on compromise.

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Capturing a moment!

God knows how much we (my roommate and me) are fond of cooking but we can never understand where our matchsticks vanishes, the moment we are about to cook. Yeah, we still use matchsticks to lit our fifteenth century gas stove and not lighter, still maintaining our long old traditionalism 😀

This post is not about my horrible cooking practices but to capture a cute moment. So that day my roommate after seeing the empty matchbox went down to near-by grocery to buy match-box. When she was about to pay the money, one kid near her told…..

“This is a cat”

She looked innocently at the kid and told her that this is not a cat and is called match-box. And the kid replied….

“Noooooo!!!!! this is a cat, this is a cat……you don’t know anything”

In this dumbfound situation, she looked here and there to check where the cat is!

And after remaining in this blown away situation for few minutes, she finally saw the cat picture on the match-box  🙂 and then simply stepped-out after seeing the kid’s father laughing.

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I am alive!! :-)

Wish you all  a very happy new year! Just  a little late but never late to wish you all 🙂

“May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night and a smooth road all the way to your door.”

Irish Blessing

pic taken – Ladakh Palace, 15th August ’08

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