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there is still dark at the end of the tunnel
am i blind?…………may be!
but i am sure
to be growing blind with each passing day
here each moment create ripples
and i, a sucker of crests
lands in troughs
a fight then begins to drown me
inside my own mysteries
that you created inside me
but the candle that you lighted
inside the dark tunnel
is still glowing
happy as butterfly
shinning as golden twilight in purple haze
the glow makes me to remember our stories
and honestly, I don’t remember what we talked
do we?
but tell me what we talk about when we talk?
inept in giving excuses
i want to tell you
I am always made to believe
i am not wrong
even for the mysteries
that never happened
so I still hold the candle with your memories
thinking you are the right to happen in my life
but the flame just dances
keeping time to hide in waves
flickering mysteries of our memories
not bothering what all I want to say
ranging and roving
but steady, full of mirth
just like escaped you….

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