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Sometimes to get hold of something seems so difficult,
The very end seems nothing but a horizon
Sometimes you want to live with the questions
As the answers make you insane
I always try to fly to reach out to heaven,
But I am here down living in my oyster
They always say to go deep down to get pearl
They always say to fly to horizon to get destiny
But what if, I tell them I want to live with my rose
That solitary rose which is meant for me only
The fervor, the warmth, the affection….isn’t that nice.
Why is it like this…..Only Depth gives you pearl?
But what if I am getting everything on the shore!
What really matter is your happiness….Isn’t it so?
Happiness is divine,
Divinity is purity
Purity is Love!


P.S. – Written on 24th December, 2007. Today the same thoughts are mingling with my grey matter.

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Words flitting from

heart to heart

embracing seductive breeze

of dusk and dawn


you and me with

marijuana aroma.

Anesthetic moonlight

elicited truth

of tear on dry rose


why to create love fable

for end is sure to come.

why to parabolize feeling

for truth is hard to find.

Where is truth, that you want

for blood tranquilizes

millions narcotics of infidelity.

Let me come

and bury myself in your lap

Let me see

how it feels to suffer

when sedative marijuana

makes me ‘you’ and you ‘me’

Why to ask questions

when every answer reflects

in simplicity of soporific marijuana.

Let me become MARIJUANA for YOU!

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Smitten by solitary marigold


in some lonesome corner


succumbing to death


Made me to plant marigold


in my own ravishing garden.


Each passing second made me 


doleful, gloomy, my life in blue.


Each second when I saw


tainted leaves of marigold


rancid flowers dying!


May be angels forgot to rain……


I cried whole night, amuck tears


showered to water my marigold.


I failed with my swollen, puffy eyes


I failed horrendously


I failed for I cannot see death.


I replanted my marigold


in same lonesome corner


in a hope,


originality is what,


which gives strength to fight.


I can now see my marigold


fighting death and surviving with new bud


Adieu is not some good bye to end……


but good bye to hold on forever in memory.

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Today after long a time our PG gang of girls went out to roam recklessly. Romeo girls in love with balmy breeze and drizzles, we all were showing the photography artistic skills clicking every flower on the roadside. I would have never known that our area is ‘a brimful bouquet’, lavishing with beauty everywhere.
My clicks………..

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MY Love……

(pic taken 25-7-2008, 6:30pm in garden)

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