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It really feels so great sometimes when you are in silence with the world, not bothering about what noises are saying about you. And you are a complete chatterbox with yourself. I am loving this feeling. It has given me confidence and happiness.

  • Few days back my mom told me about the condition of my grandpa. He is in his late eighties and suffering from some or the other kind of old age illness now. He got blood clot in the brain and few months back when I had gone to my native, he was having a bad time with his heart. When I saw him, I hugged him so tightly for death to surrender. I can count on my fingers the number of occasions we have talked. And now I am scared to see my life’s journey. I know with this growing age I won’t be having everyone with me. There won’t be anyone in my life to whom I can call grandpa. Sometimes you feel, it isn’t the time spend in the relationship that makes it strong, there is some other thing also. And I am missing him now.
  • Finally I enrolled myself into Reikhi class. I am really happy for this ūüôā
  • The weekend was dedicated to Spa and Parlor. First time I am realizing the importance of money after visiting spa… ūüôā
  • My office is shifted to different building with new project. Although I rarely know people here and but I am enjoying this invisibility. It is a different feeling when you are among strangers.
  • I have grown my nails. Doesn’t it feel beautiful to see your manicured hands ūüôā
  • Friends are still the heartbeats for my happiness. I am really a sucker for this happiness. The moments that hold our songs sung together, the candle night dinner that we landed into, gossips about each and everyone, the gifts, the teasing………….all these have become my¬†favorite memories. Somewhere you realize……..

You say someone:

~ Is a paradox.
~ Is an enigma.
~ Is wired weirdly.
~ Is a madcap.

But you believe someone:

~ Is a good friend.
~ Is a Godsend.
~ Is one who connects.
~ Is humility, humour, honesty personified

~~ And that’s when you want to start believing in *good Karma ~~

Read these lines somewhere. Cheers to friendship!!!

Happy Women’s Day!!! ūüôā


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How do you define women identity,¬†her independence? Is ‘earned money’ enough¬†for a woman¬†to make her independent and to give her an identity of her own? Why is it like this that after marriage¬†woman¬†feels for¬†her life confined only to kitchen?

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Today I met one of my old friend. She¬†recently got married and¬†it was really soothing when you get to talk with someone from your childhood days especially when wavelength are in perfect sync. But somewhere I felt ‘something’ for her and that¬†something¬†is making her to¬†come out of her little world. I am just thinking is there something that really defines ‘devotion’ of women! So many questions are just popping out from my head………am thinking about my future way that I have decided.

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October bought for me 3Fs – Friends, Fun and Family. The best thing was that I became more confined in my present rather than to think about the past tensions or future worries. It was good to live in your present. This month saw of me less emotional. My thinking aspect somewhat disappeared and more I became inclined to, ‘Whatever happens, happens for good’.

  • The month started with my first ever trip with friends since I landed here in Bangalore. It was really a fun; be it either venturing into water of Balmuri Falls or sight seeing of Temples near Mysore. This was the first time that my plan fruited after looooong hours of planning. Overall the trip was a fun. And the great oath that has come out is to go on a trip every month. Lets see, how many months can we go on accomplishing this pledge.
  • I dawned into unnecessary tensions and many-a-times diverted myself but thank to God, this month made me to come-out in just few minutes. Loneliness stayed away from me and whenever it pinged me, I found myself with the friends to wipe it away.
  • The support, care and love of friends really filled my heart. Be it in office, PG or my blogger friends. It really felt at peace when friend pinged me directly; asking me the reason rather than simply to read the blog, when friends bought medicines and scolded me¬†for my illness, when they called me every time for dinner and lunch, when they cheered me up whenever I felt dull, when H bought home food for me……….Salute to Friendship! ūüôā
  • I enjoyed being pampered at home. I bow my parents for their care and simply I am thinking I can never be even 1% mom as my mom is! Moms are really like this only! The part that filled my heart with tears and a fear that girls leave their parent’s home after marriage. This happened when my father was talking to me and in next moment, tears came in his eyes and after sometime my mom also started crying. How to tell them I am here only and not going anywhere now!
  • I had my first Vodka ūüôā Although there were just few drops (I guess) in one glass of Coke and I didn’t feel anything, but I am happy with the thought that coke had vodka. And I want to give again one shot to see how it feels to be in Full Nasha ūüėÄ
  • I am with these three wishes for this month – to do nose piercing, to have a rose tatoo on my left ankel, to buy SLR camera and to go on sky diving.
  • Finished reading of ‘The five people you meet in heaven’ by Mitch Albom and ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma. Again these books have taken me to different world. You are new you. I just wish when I can get¬†the courage and wisdom of Julian in ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari’¬†and clarity¬†of thoughts¬†like¬†Eddie in ”The five people you meet in heaven’ even after my death.

Lets see, how this month of November goes! Good Luck to me!

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For me superstition is something which can make my heart happy if something related to them come true. If I come to know it is bad omen, I try to fly away the thought, “This is all rubbish, I should not believe them” ūüôā

Some new superstitions are added in my life recently by the grace of my fellow friends.

  • The first star in the night sky is ‘wish’ star. When you see first star, make a wish and then you should not speak a word until you see the second star in the sky. God knows how many wishes I have made and many of them I don’t remember now.¬†It was funny one day, when we all were using sign language, unable to find out the second star in the night sky.
  • If¬†rice remains un-cook someday, then good luck is with you. Make the best use of that lucky day.
  • If you¬†concentrate and speak some words in your heart to some un-bothered person in the crowd, then that person will surely turn to see you. I haven’t tried this one, but according to my friends this magic holds true in their life.
  • Keep water under the bed while you sleep in night and in the morning throw away the¬†water¬†into the¬†plants. This wipes out all your negative energy. I guess it is not superstition but more of Vastu as I remember to read something like this in one book.

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H is my sweet Kannada teacher¬†and G my caring brother. Both H and G are married and we all are working in same company. I wonder how God¬†keeps sometime unknowingly¬†beautiful, unasked¬†relationships¬†in your lap. Sometimes my heart just gets filled with so much thankfulness for them that I can’t even say ‘Thanks’ to them. It feels¬†‘thanks’ is such a small word to say¬†for their love, care, support and all the help.

I always feel uneasy when I am with some couple. I become so conscious of my words, of my behavior, the topics on which I should talk and with a thought how both them¬†are feeling because of my presence. Everyone wants some privacy, some beautiful moments to share especially at the start of their married life. H and G never made me to¬†feel like this. I have always felt so comfortable and never that feeling¬†bothered me. It is fun when H and me are on one side and G alone on the other in teasing war. It feels so good when G acts like your elder brother and give commands and I like young one always¬†ready to tease him. H is so special. Her cubicle is just next to me and my half time goes in her cube and her half in my cube ūüėÄ She just understands me so well. Glad that she came in my life! ūüôā

Just want to say Thanks from deep down of my heart to God for sending them in my life!

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Certain things, I simply can’t digest and they are beyond my understanding. These things throw¬†my mood¬†and I am always left with¬†sore mind.¬†My condition¬†becomes more¬†distressing when I can’t say directly to¬†that person¬†and have to keep irritation inside me.¬†I am trying to ignore all these but sometimes you just can’t…..

  • When any of my guy friend¬†types¬†‘dear’ while¬†chatting¬†or anywhere in my scrapbook and that too¬†when I am not close or comfortable with him. Any how, I don’t like guys typing dear when they talk to me. Someone special should write this ūüėČ
  • When someone bangs door. I hate such noise.
  • When someone doesn’t close the tap properly. I hate to hear the ‘tip-tip’ noise that echoes in the silence of the night.
  • Boys keeping long nails. One of my friend is in the habbit to grow last finger nail. And when I asked him the funda, he was telling me there are many benefits. Aarey baba, for girls this is okay, but why boys??
  • When I am with¬†a group¬†having lingual diversity. I¬†can’t understand even one¬†word¬†and have to behave as if I¬†am getting what they are saying. I feel like to cry, why not even one is there in the group,¬†who thinks to speak in¬†a language that all can understand.¬†I simply want then to get up and go without saying anything to anyone. But it is against group decorum.
  • When¬†someone wants to borrow my favourite dresses. I am too materialistic when it comes in-between my favourites.
  • When my parents asks me about my office work like how I do my work, how is the work pressure, are you able to handle, how is your manager,…….I don’t want to give answers, giving every detail…..I simply don’t know what to say. I feel¬†guilty of my behavior but¬†I can’t help.

I am able to think this many only (only 7, have to think hard ūüėÄ )……will add more, once the mind will become clear ūüôā

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