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I never imagined You!

I never imagined you

with lips in shades of blue

where spasmodic laughter

has lived zillion times


with those wrinkles circling your eyes

eyes that still hold the thrill of radiance

of early morning sunshine from pines

I never imagined you

with a heart of tickling heartbeats

that cloaks all joy of zillion daydreams

daydreams not of you, not of me, but of ‘us’


with those crimpled hands

that still holds all the secret promises

mesmerizing our eyes with golden twilight

I never imagined

those cheeks, blenched beneath freckles

as if love is curling-up in the softness

and then flying away into indigo clouds of night

But I imagined…………….

me in-front of you

lying there lifeless


I imagined

every tear

falling tenderly upon my heart

burning the flame

may be of love’s radiating brillance

And then ……………………..

I stopped imagining

Me without You


P.S. For the prompt “One Single Impression”. Poem is about the impression left by the imagination!


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How do I get love? I have it. I must drop my definitions of love. Love is not saying nice things to people or smiling or doing good deeds. Love is love. Don’t strive for love, be it.

All my life I have made it complicated, but it is so simple. I love when I love. And when I love, I am my self.

“All I want is to be loved” – Wanting to be loved, to be lovable, is not really a desire for how I want to be, but for how I want others to be.

~Hugh Prather

P.S. – Pics from my PG! ‘Clouds before Rain’. (Bangalore, 7:25 pm)

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Adhered to glooms of sky

When I put my eyes up

shyly hiding myself

from your tenderness

to see so-much of hidden love

to paint ‘us’ with star dots

that jumps from one galaxy to other

I always know then

your eyes knock at my eyelashes


but want to burst my bubbling stars

Purposely I always then

close my eyes for eyelashes to die

You know………

Sometime I just wish…..

for my heartbeats to be much louder

that they can smatter my all dreams!

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What was that ‘nothing’ I felt

when you hypnotized me

sitting in the dusk garden

snoozing me with your words

Never it happened before!


What was that ‘nothing’ I felt

when unknowingly you flared me

sitting besides in eatery for lunch

showing me that someone has come

Never it happened before!


What was that ‘something’ I felt

when you traveled deep within

freeing me while holding my hand

making me to see world with your eyes

Never it happened before!


What was that ‘something’ I felt

when rose petals fell with no-one to pick them

when blindness veiled with dreams gone with eyes

Just tell me once,

how ‘nothing’ can crumble into ‘something’……

………in just a blink!

PS: Pic is of moon from my PG for BlueMist on her request 🙂

PPS: Hopefully, this will be my last ‘sad’ poem and will try not to write like this from now onwards.

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For You!

When I call you


you argue with me

telling me to give


When you know

I hate to give


always making me

to go down

and drag out

that meaning

when that meaning

crushes everything


When I tell you

lets make things


you scoop out everytime

making everything


telling me about your

fight to end complexity

for simplicity

And I tell you


can bring together


And when you see

dancing me

over your digged past

you always leave me

not knowing

my dance is just amiss

waiting for your steps

not knowing

my mysterious dance

is just an endeavor

to create simplicity

just to have You!!

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………..Sometime I think is it so difficult to give meaning to a relationship when it is there in your life. Why can’t the meaning just appear by the presence of a relationship? And how long one takes to give just a pinch of allude to a relationship?

………….Somtime I think, what if…..what if you would have thought like the way you always want. Sometime, I think what if …..you would have imagined me……me with you! Why is it so difficult to finish one-sided story when that story is linked at every moment to just one person.

………….Sometime I feel I am in some dream and with a feeling that my heart is saying your name only, doing things to give you a glow, our laugh that is filled with happiness. I fear what if……..what if, one day I will open my eyes finding myself all alone. But what a dream is……..that has no hope! But what a dream is….if it is fulfilled! I just pray that my eyes never open and if my dream has to end, let it end into another one.

………….Sometime I think…………………………….

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On 3rd May I got engaged and when I look back reminding all the days, it seems that time is just flying away. It was all-a-kind of arrange marriage. And love………hmmmm….well, I don’t know if I have fallen in love or not but I am feeling somewhat different. Hope I will get to know how the love feels!

And when one of my PG-mate got to hear about my ‘arrange’ marriage, she was literally surprised and said, “You still have to fall in love, it must be difficult for you”. Well, my answer is…..”Haule haule ho jayaga pyar” and that too, when God has mde him for me! Rab ne bana di Jodi 😉

Song for this moment……..

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