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The moment I saw the weekly topic of  Sunday Scribblings ‘Sports’,  the mind echoed the following incident of my School day. Flashing back into the age when the only thing that could hurt were wounded knees, Guess what?……I am now in complete nostalgia!

For us, each student carried a sort of ‘house’ (a color) and usually the competitions were held between the houses. My house was ‘green’ which was termed as ‘Pratab House’. Once in my seventh standard, my house captain wrote my name for the up-coming Table Tennis Match even when I told her about my ignorance in TT. She was not getting enough players and to fill her list, I was the victim. She assured me completely that my chance could never come as all the other players were too weak and our house would be ‘out’ in just a couple of minutes. On D-Day, was it some miracle or what, our house was actually winning. For the doubles, I heard my name from somewhere and that moment it appeared as if someone had taken the earth below my feet. I somehow got-up and went near the table. What you can expect from a girl who had never even touched TT racket, the scoldings just started pouring from my Games Teacher. And at last, it was decided and she would be playing from my side. As it was written, our house won the match. Next day to my surprise, in the morning assembly when the results were declared, my name also blinked somewhere among winners. As it would have been, my class teacher got impressed with my ‘sporty’ nature and after few days I saw myself to be the ‘monitor’ of the class.

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World is a perfect stage. You can get to see the most bizarre things on one side and on other side the simplest. Few days back, while surfing I came across some freakish researches and to me they all appeared funny and weird.


“Research suggests that men from polygamist cultures live 12 per cent longer than those who limit their affections to one woman at a time”

But ‘how?’ May be more women in their life means they will get more concern and care. I suppose this research suggests women are the best care taker 😉 But on my personal side, I will not ever let my husband to know about this research 😀 I don’t think anyone can take care of ‘him’ like the way I can 😉


“Rising early to go to work or exercise might not be beneficial to health, but rather a risk for vascular diseases.”

Wow! Now no need to get up early for exercise. This is the first thing I am gonna tell to my mom today when she will call 🙂


“If the people you are around are fat then you have an increased chance that you will be overweight as well.”


How many of you believe this? Well, if I reflect back on my life, it holds true for me. I am too lazy and not regular on my walk or exercise. I am more kinda of shilly-shally and it really unnerves me to go out alone for walk or to have some eatables. It all depends on my friends. If they are there then somehow I can make my mind. 

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PG Gang is now with new mantra – Weight Loss! So you can see everyone here is so enthusiastic to go for evening walk. Madams are buying new tracks and shoes. God only knows for how long it will continue. But you can imagine how optimistic we are! And the public park, near (means at a distance of 10 mins) to our PG which we have chosen for our evening walk is more kinda of ‘Couple Park’.

Rain was missing me today, I guess. Hardly had we done our evening walk, heavy rain came. And for shelter we went under thick canopy of tree. Don’t know why God is showering so much blessings on the couples……you can see them, under one umbrella. I won’t be writing more, you can imagine 😉  Some are drenching and some are singing songs. It was totally filmy atmosphere 😀 Thank God, no old people came today for walk, otherwise I feel embarrass by thinking how they must be feeling to see all this.

We waited for 15 mins, so that rain can stop. When no sign came, we decided to take auto. And the best thing, no one was carrying money. But it was okay, auto will stop infront of PG only and anyone can go inside to get the money. But who knows we will be getting the most thickheaded auto driver. In the auto, when we told him to take different route so that auto can stop exactly infront of PG, that fellow started shouting on us ,” I won’t take U-Turn, you have to get down at S Stop only, I won’t go anywhere else”. And when we told we are not carrying any money with us, you can imagine his face……. “paise nahin the tow auto mein kyu aaye, aab mein kya karu” (“If you don’t have money, who told you to take auto, what shall I do now”). And then we called our PG friend to come to ‘S’ stop with money.

So, shall we go for evening walk tomorrow also?

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I am new me. Nuts…….Now-a-days my day is headed by some supersitons. The moment I get-up, my head bangs with the thought………”how the day today will be?” And I surround myself with the answers that I get from my supersitious thoughts. There are some observations that I do and my eyes seeing all these stupid observations sends some weird signal to brain. My brain shouts – “Be prepare, something gonna happen 😦  ” OR “Day will be good, enjoy Madi 😀 ”

  • If at the start of my puja in morning I can lit incense sticks in one shot – Good Day
  • If I kisses God two times – Good Day (many times, I forgot and my day went very bad 😦   )
  • If my I-pod in shuffle mode plays my most favourite songs while waiting for my cab – Good Day
  • If water doesn’t come in tap, when they forgot to switch-on motor in the night – Bad Day
  • If there is no power early morning – Bad Day
  • Without any reason my mood is off when I get-up – Bad day
  • If I forget to apply Kajal – Bad Day


Is there some sort of mental retardation happening to me………..m becoming moronic 😦 Everytime I think to come out from these stupid, absurd, idiotic thoughts, the more I find myself there……….

Lets see, where I will find myself tomorrow morning………. 🙂

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PG Gang after a long time clustered together and the only thing that one can hear is ‘hahahahaha’. Even if someone will try to speak a word, the dialogue is cut by whim of uncontrol laughter. So, there is one Madam, our Sleepy Queen. Madam loves sleep so much that when she has to get up early morning, she doesn’t bother to open her eyes and tries to finish all the important tasks with closed eyes. How many of us can do this? 😉 Madam was putting toothpaste and her mind interrupted after smelling more fragnant Fair and Lovely on her toothbrush. Sad, she would have finished her brushing, you can’t have more whitening than Our Fair and Lovely 😀

One day, early morning madam was trying to open the door through which newspaper was kept to jam it. Madam dialogues with one another madam X…..

Madam -: Listen X, you should not keep the newspaper there. When I am trying to haul the newspaper, the tensile strain is exerted in the longitudinal direction which causes the tearing of the newspaper only on one side, the side facing me (By-the-way, which law is this…….never studied in my academics). It becomes difficult for me to open the door.

Miss X -: Aarey yaar, why are you giving me such a wacky logic of all this nonsense. Can’t you see the handle and open the door……… Why you need to pull the newspaper to open the door……  😀 (common sense is not so common among common people)

And our madam’s favourite Biscuit is……..TIME PAAS 😀 But seriously, it is tasty. How the time paases, you never know while having our TIME PAAS.

And our silly pranks continued and continued………………

(Madam I have taken your permission……..hope you won’t hit me after reading this)

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office office

So, today after a long time our corporate service department kept Choclate Biscuits in the pantry. The box was totally full when I went for meeting. Can’t control if I see Bourbon Bicuits, I took one, just only ONE  😦  I was not knowing everyone is so hungry here, they can’t leave even half of biscuit. Within one hour the meeting finished…..the box is empty now. Empty like, someone has washed the container and then kept it again. H went to the next floor in a hope that she can get one biscuit. Alas! Really, whole of my office employees are so crazy about these Bourbon. And next thing that can make them wacky is Chiki………..Next time I will be prepare for this war to grab as many as I can………..Good Luck to me!

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Aaaahaa…..this is first time, someone (except my mom), has written a poem for me….. 🙂  🙂 The poetry magic is all spreading in PG, and I am happy my friend has come-up with few lines for me…….Love You A!

There is one danger combination

 of a dreamer and a philosopher

We got one here with us………..imagine that!

She has got nothing else on mind,

waiting for her prince charming  🙂

Guys, please don’t care to come this way…

if you love your life!

But thats how life is!!

We like the philosophy behind it!

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Sometimes I feel that I am too engrossed with the word ‘Namaste’. I was just going through my comments in someone’s blog and suddenly felt that my comments are more formal and clipped with the word ‘Namaste’. I don’t remember as what happened and why I started to attach this word with my comments.

If I have to say the start of my journey with this word, I remember when I was very young, my parents told me that whenever some guests would come, you should always greet them saying, ‘Namaste’. Till at this age, I am greeting all my relatives and some unknown guests in my home with this word. But here, after coming to banglore I rarely heard this word. Rather, now the scenario has changed like if I hear this word I feel little awkward. May be my thought for that person will be that he/she is a clumsy fellow. And I rarely use this word in my conversation. When I am in comic, witty, funny and humrous mood, I love to greet with Namaste!

Recently, I noticed that some people around me have also started to staple this word when they converse with me. It so happened, one day one of my team mate pinged me to ask something and he started the converstaion with the word, ‘Namaste’. I remember my blog when I hear this word. I grew little bit suspicious if he was knowing about my blog. And now when my mom calls me, she also greets me with loud Namaste. And our conversation starts with belly laugh. Some of my friends in office have also started saying Namaste to me. I don’t know why all this is happening. Are they looking towards me as full Sansakari Indian Girl! 🙂

Are people around me changing or Am I changing?

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So, m trying ‘revelation of my secrets‘ posted by Rambler. I have to reveal my 8 secrets. Let me see, how many I can come-up with. 8 is appearing to be a big big number!

1. Once I ate 11 chapatis at a stretch. Not the small chapatis, but the biggest size that one can imagine, prepared by my Granny. I always afraid to tell to anyone this, thinking they will call me Petu and I hate to be called fat 🙂

2. I love banana fruit. But whereever I go, I always avoid this fruit, after hearing banana is the biggest calorie provider. I always tell others that I hate banana.

3. I am biggest fan of Sanjeev Kumar and Guru Dutt. Some point of time, I wanted to marry both of them. And now my liking is Paulo Coelho.

4. I hate my smile. And I don’t understand why I get compliments on my smile only. I am totally confused as what my friends see in my smile.

5. Once I tried to smoke…..hmmm…..I remember I was in 2nd or 3rd standard. My cousion, my brother and myself went under bed with a pack of cigarets so that no-one could see us. First my cousion finished his turn and my turn was there, we heard the foot steps of my uncle and we had to run.

6. I was stealing chalks from my school till my sixth standard, so that I could play in my home, not knowing that chalks can be brought from outside. I used to believe we can get chalks only from the school and nowhere else. In my play, my students used to be the pillows on the bed. And everytime when as a teacher I have to scold my students, I used to hit the pillows with full force, hurting my hand many times when my hand used to hit the bed rather the pillows.

7. I love to see myself in the mirror when I cry. It makes me happy. 🙂

8. It has been very long since I have cut my hand-nails. My nail-biting habbit is helping me!

wow! I finished it. This one really made me to think, to gather all my memories. Thanks Rambler, I enjoyed it! 🙂

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My Day!

Gosh! I hate these embarrassing situations. As always, I have to say ,”Why this happens only to me?”. So, today I was happy for not going to my office. Infact, it just bores me when whole day you have to sit in-front of screen and then snooze your mind after every fifteen minutes to start work. We (me and few of my team members) had some training today in another office. Trainings are also boring but I imagined this one to be more interactive rather than the long theory lectures. Actually a lot of compulsory homework was given to us which we need to finish before coming for the training. And I was happy today seeing my hardword in all my written notes! My school days! 🙂 Coming back to my training…….Yesterday I got some mail about the room change. Like the way I am, having very very poor observation….I just saw the room number and clicked x, to close it!

This morning was little bit busy. I have to collect all my washed clothes, have to check the office mails and then if the net is on, I will surely give time for blogging. And then posted some comments also 🙂 . Every second was telling me that I need to run hurriedly if I want to make it at proper time. So, finally I reached there. It took few minutes for me to locate the room. Don’t know why they made the training room in some impalpable corner of the building. I entered and sat on the first seat itself, not bothering to see behind! So, the lecture started. It was really a lecture- long, boring, only theory and no interaction! My mind was getting skeptical as to why nothing was going the way as it supposed to be. No relationship to my homework. Almost 1 hour, went like this. Atlast, we got break for 5 mins. So, I turned my head back to see where are my other team members. Not even one, was there! What was this? I tried to call H, and she was also not picking up her cell. A suspicion struck me if I was in correct room. I started my lappi to check the mail and it was different building. Ufff……I told the present instructor and everyone there started laughing. I didn’t bother to look even one face and rushed to the other building. When I entered that room and told the whole story, there also everyone started laughing. But this time, I could see all my friends and I had to make that stupid, ignorant innocent face as if these things happen to me always. He didn’t allow me inside. I spent half day sitting in cafeteria alone. I hate this thing! Finally, I came back home. I need to again take the training and again have to ask my manager. Ohhhh…..what will she think when I will tell her the reason! So stupid reason because of my so stupid observation!

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