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My days in paradise are over

Stars are falling on me

Banality is taking over my life

But I don’t want to go…….

Let the heaven wait for me!

They always say it’s a new learning

An adventure, an important step

But I am happy being a crinkled yellow page

Atleast I am a lesson to learn

I don’t want to go

Let the heaven wait for me!

I aged, I faded and now I  am dying

But I haven’t sold my soul

I might just fathom the reason to live

Are we here to say good-bye only?

Each moment to me is a new beginning

I have to live in rain and dance for you

Please, I don’t want to go………..

Let the heaven wait for me!

PS – Lines from my old box!


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that iced mystic stirring cold night

that seashore of high and low tides

when I weaved a song for you…..


that song of void lyrics and melody

that continuous laugh of innocent apathy

when I again renamed silence to song……..


that silence of noises and screams

that another song I started in-middle

when I turned every meaning upside down…..


that slow fading of emotions into thoughts

that road of rusted footsteps to my destiny

when fear sprinkled into strength to standstill……

I still remember to make you forget

our shooting star wish….

– a wish to forget time ticks that melted our cold night

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And my shinning stars flew away…….

………in the night sky

I separated two bounded stars

soaked in mystic moon light

untouched by realm of dreams

just to see depth of heaven

in shallowness of my thoughts

and to create a portion of sky

for my bounded stars to fly….

As I close my eyes

to cover my longing spirit

I see deep within me

my shinning stars flying away…..

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Desires can be driven by wind

extrinsically or intrinsically

by ephemeral vacuumed emotions

or sparkling open worldly affairs

You can call me bystander

me not knowing fire engulf prey

burning from outside to inside

I can call you moronic

you not knowing fire mutate world

beginning from inside to outside

We seem to be in tug of war

racing on illusionary tracks

but stepping towards naught

not knowing we both are

mere reflection of each other

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Is exposed weakness or disablitity or burden enough to gather love? Emotional handicap lingers inside many times. God should have given two more eyes to see that cannot be seen? How many of us have the power to see the emotional odds inside others and can stand-by? May be many of have a fear that it can involve their emotions being turned into handicap. Holes are not meant to be filled by soil alone, giving a seed to the hole is a step towards a beautiful garden.

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I hear your mumble

in the silence resting

in front of my door

may be I am apt

to hear your words

send by rustling leaves

I lay there on my bed

deep into my thoughts

I know you will step once

and will caress my hairs

Hearing is such an effortless pie

fantasizing drops into dew

sparkling on green silent life

in brightness of tickling dreams.

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Mistakenly I landed on carving road

Thoughts diluted in mixture of sucking granules

Wisdom was shy to show real adventure

Life lost somewhere in dark corner of moon

One step seemed like to cover whole cosmos

If it was that big, why couldn’t I reach dead end?

I soothed myself as ‘You’ were there, I guess!

I tuned to see if my shadow was following me

But I was blind for my eyes were weak in dark

I was deaf for I could hear only echo of silence

Cursing echoes were returning back to me

And I decided to follow the path of echo

That was the best journey for me, I think

My path was decided from deep inside of me

Cursing echoes were ‘Your’ blessings

For they were blown from your deep heart

I stepped onto the journey reaching ‘You’

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