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I hear your mumble

in the silence resting

in front of my door

may be I am apt

to hear your words

send by rustling leaves

I lay there on my bed

deep into my thoughts

I know you will step once

and will caress my hairs

Hearing is such an effortless pie

fantasizing drops into dew

sparkling on green silent life

in brightness of tickling dreams.


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Looking back and

seeing pieces of time

scattered in life,

sometimes I remember

two teens gathering love

and then separated

when wisdom told them

the secret above love.

I remember her who

had crush on that boy

always she made her

to believe that she was in love

for she loved to be in love.

I remember her who

loved to collect every tiny

moment and loved to keep

in her Pandora box.

Never they talked,

but secretly she spoke

some words with her heart

Never they looked

but secretly she glanced

thinking he was seeing her.

The chimeric fairy love story

was about to begin

when that boy thought of love

But she stepped back, making noise

so that the fairies of her story

could hear her departing steps.

I remember her Pandora box

broken long ago, setting her free

I remember……

Is there anyone else who remember her?

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Here are few lines from my fantasy world. I wrote as they appeared in my mind and may be the words didn’t end up to give me poem. Whatever, I love my fantasies! 😀

When you will grow old and weak

and will sit near fire in winter

to read the book gifted to you

on our first meeting

in that coffee shop,

As you will read my words

on the very first page

I promise you,

I will be there to make you feel

exactly the same way, you felt

when you read that words,

first time!


When you will grow old and weak

and will sit on same bench in autumn

to see our grandchildren playing

As you will rejoice that moment

I promise you,

I will be there to make you feel

exactly the same way, you felt

when we sat on bench holding hands,

first time!


When you will grow old and weak

and will sing seeing rain through window

remembering all my favourite songs in that CD,

gifted to you in that shop

I promise you

I will be there to sing with you

exactly the same way, we sang

when we roamed on silent roads late night

first time!

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As I wrap myself

with cushion of ‘His’ life

the more I find myself

in drizzle’s ephemeral smile.

As I swathe myself

with infinite love in ‘His’ eyes

the more I see colors

in my canvas painted by life.

Simply, I love life.

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Now-a-days I am totally swayed by the advertising hoardings veiling my city with words, “I BELIEVE IN BANGALORE”. I feel very patriotic whenever these words flash in-front of my eyes, a sort of trust, love, happiness, feeling to believe and thankfulness grows towards this city. The advertisment is doing a good job by influencing the people like me. But rather than to concern myself with the motive of advertisment of ‘DNA english Daily’, the wordings always grasp my mind and my mind says, “I BELIEVE IN BANGALORE, I BELIEVE IN INDIA”.

Initially, when I first landed here, I never felt such closeness. But today am in completely love with my Bangalore- the roads, rain, shopping-malls, clouds, traffic, my PG, people, autoricks- everything about Bangalore. I never knew I can miss the city, until I went away to my college in another city or to my native. I missed the city. I will miss the city when someday in future may be I will go from here.  I will miss my bangalore!

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Certain things, I simply can’t digest and they are beyond my understanding. These things throw my mood and I am always left with sore mind. My condition becomes more distressing when I can’t say directly to that person and have to keep irritation inside me. I am trying to ignore all these but sometimes you just can’t…..

  • When any of my guy friend types ‘dear’ while chatting or anywhere in my scrapbook and that too when I am not close or comfortable with him. Any how, I don’t like guys typing dear when they talk to me. Someone special should write this 😉
  • When someone bangs door. I hate such noise.
  • When someone doesn’t close the tap properly. I hate to hear the ‘tip-tip’ noise that echoes in the silence of the night.
  • Boys keeping long nails. One of my friend is in the habbit to grow last finger nail. And when I asked him the funda, he was telling me there are many benefits. Aarey baba, for girls this is okay, but why boys??
  • When I am with a group having lingual diversity. I can’t understand even one word and have to behave as if I am getting what they are saying. I feel like to cry, why not even one is there in the group, who thinks to speak in a language that all can understand. I simply want then to get up and go without saying anything to anyone. But it is against group decorum.
  • When someone wants to borrow my favourite dresses. I am too materialistic when it comes in-between my favourites.
  • When my parents asks me about my office work like how I do my work, how is the work pressure, are you able to handle, how is your manager,…….I don’t want to give answers, giving every detail…..I simply don’t know what to say. I feel guilty of my behavior but I can’t help.

I am able to think this many only (only 7, have to think hard 😀 )……will add more, once the mind will become clear 🙂

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office office

So, today after a long time our corporate service department kept Choclate Biscuits in the pantry. The box was totally full when I went for meeting. Can’t control if I see Bourbon Bicuits, I took one, just only ONE  😦  I was not knowing everyone is so hungry here, they can’t leave even half of biscuit. Within one hour the meeting finished…..the box is empty now. Empty like, someone has washed the container and then kept it again. H went to the next floor in a hope that she can get one biscuit. Alas! Really, whole of my office employees are so crazy about these Bourbon. And next thing that can make them wacky is Chiki………..Next time I will be prepare for this war to grab as many as I can………..Good Luck to me!

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