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………..Sometime I think is it so difficult to give meaning to a relationship when it is there in your life. Why can’t the meaning just appear by the presence of a relationship? And how long one takes to give just a pinch of allude to a relationship?

………….Somtime I think, what if…..what if you would have thought like the way you always want. Sometime, I think what if …..you would have imagined me……me with you! Why is it so difficult to finish one-sided story when that story is linked at every moment to just one person.

………….Sometime I feel I am in some dream and with a feeling that my heart is saying your name only, doing things to give you a glow, our laugh that is filled with happiness. I fear what if……..what if, one day I will open my eyes finding myself all alone. But what a dream is……..that has no hope! But what a dream is….if it is fulfilled! I just pray that my eyes never open and if my dream has to end, let it end into another one.

………….Sometime I think…………………………….


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When sporadic thought springs-up

a wish lingers with it

for you to think my thought

I wonder……..What then……

if you would have known

my wish

my thought

-Just an innocent telepathy


When every dawn crosses darkness

a wish lingers with it

for you to become my first light

I wonder……..What then……

if you would have known

my wish

my light

-Just an innocent telepathy


When I lift heart towards heaven

a wish lingers with it

for us to wish with same shooting star

I wonder……..What then…..

if you would have known

my wish

my prayer

– Just an innocent telepathy

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Today the topic on Sunday Scribbling is ‘Wedding’. I thought of capturing the feelings of bride in my words. I have no idea what bride feels on her wedding day, but just wanted to give a try. So here are my some raw words……

Just few steps to go when you and I will be ‘us’

Just few steps to go when eternity will sit in our lap


As I take one step

I feel your eyes on me

          shyness and pride surrounds me

Feels like I can hear those silent

          words sending tickling on my way


As I take next step

I gift my life to you

          for the music from two strings of a lute

Feels like I am now heart

          with heartbeats sitting deep inside you


As I take next step

I offer all my dreams

          to become petal of the same flower

Feels like a promise

          of eternal love for flower to be alive forever


As I take next step

I find myself in your life

          which I have shared unknowingly somewhere

Feels like you are my shooting star

          appeared to shower blessings for my love


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Silently when you close eyes

flashing hundred thoughts

of us counting countless stars

I see myself in twinkling

reflection of every star

Is this love

to see me in your thoughts?


Silently when you lay steps

lightening corners of my heart

where crazy dreams are multiplying

I see myself at every step

with you holding hands

Is this love

to wish to be part of your journey?


Silently when you gaze at sky

seeking to get view of your angel

who can blossom you and I into Us

I see myself on those clouds

with your angel admiring me

Is this love

to become part of your prayers?

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I hear your mumble

in the silence resting

in front of my door

may be I am apt

to hear your words

send by rustling leaves

I lay there on my bed

deep into my thoughts

I know you will step once

and will caress my hairs

Hearing is such an effortless pie

fantasizing drops into dew

sparkling on green silent life

in brightness of tickling dreams.

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I would have surely get caught

in those mesmerizing eyes with

mascara radiating vivid desires

in illusion of blithe spirit that

resides somewhere inside heart

making me a promiscuous man

I would have surely thank God

at that moment that He made me


In your deep heart you know

I have set my heart on your eyes

In my heart of hearts I wish

odious desire for you to be blind

to have with you my final words of

‘Phatic Sacrament’ 

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sometime when you say

‘i trust you’

and sometime when you say

‘i believe you’

all i can see is same image

of the words in love mirror

with a subtle difference

that lay in eye holding tear

and other eye freeing tear

i have seen they always say

‘blind’ with ‘trust’

but never i heard you saying

‘i believe you blindly’

all i can see now two images

of the words in skeptical mirror

with a subtle similarity

that lay in ‘I’ and ‘You’

may be i have started

to feel than to read

may be i know

trust can be bounded by blindness

but when you say

‘i believe you’ i know

it is bounded by freeness

sometime when you say

‘i believe you’

i want you to say


‘I believe You as I’

‘I trust You as I’

‘I love You as I’

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