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I am thankful that the month of November passed. The month went on antipodal track of September. For one month I felt like passing a whole year and for each day I felt blessed to come to near its end.

  • On the office front there was no work pressure. Almost all the days went leisurely. And I feel this peeps up more restlessness when at the end of day you can’t look into any accomplished thing, be it even the smallest thing. For 1-2 week it is fine but when it continues for almost one month, boredom starts appearing and you feel like to give-up. At the end of month, the situation went somewhat fine and I took charge of some responsibility. Being responsible means to sow confidence and it gives immense pleasure to see the fruits at the end of day. The review for the nine months of my previous team went bad. But thank God, when I talked to the manager, it was simply due to some misunderstandings and finally got sorted out. Thanks to God and G for helping me out in this.
  • Sometimes I feel accepting the things requires much more courage than to fight for the things. To live with the resistance inside you at every moment is much more painful than to go on fighting for the thing.
  • The way we live life is different for all of us. If I have decided to live with some principles and notions then why others are always trying to change me. Why they feel that the way I am spending my life is an illusion. If I am respecting their lives, why can’t they respect mine!
  • “And she finally stopped playing their song, when she realized she was dancing alone”. I can never understand why for some things, I am so dependent on others. Sometimes my behavior is just reflection of the way that others behave with me. Why letting go for me, sometimes become very easy when I get a small hint that I am just a false impression in others life. Why can’t I create a thread that will bind other person even if the other is flying away. I am afraid that my letting-go mantra will make me alone in the future.
  • I felt restlessness because of the noises inside me. It was neither a fear nor some excitement. The noises gave me sleepless night. I craved for my silence and it was appearing that my life has forgotten what silence is! I felt to be alone and not to talk to anyone. I came-up with the least number of posts for this month since the time I started using WP.
  • I am thankful to all my friends for their support, love and care. It really feels great to know that there is always someone for you, no matter what!

Waiting to see how now my December will go! I just pray it to bring some sunshine into my life. Amen!

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October bought for me 3Fs – Friends, Fun and Family. The best thing was that I became more confined in my present rather than to think about the past tensions or future worries. It was good to live in your present. This month saw of me less emotional. My thinking aspect somewhat disappeared and more I became inclined to, ‘Whatever happens, happens for good’.

  • The month started with my first ever trip with friends since I landed here in Bangalore. It was really a fun; be it either venturing into water of Balmuri Falls or sight seeing of Temples near Mysore. This was the first time that my plan fruited after looooong hours of planning. Overall the trip was a fun. And the great oath that has come out is to go on a trip every month. Lets see, how many months can we go on accomplishing this pledge.
  • I dawned into unnecessary tensions and many-a-times diverted myself but thank to God, this month made me to come-out in just few minutes. Loneliness stayed away from me and whenever it pinged me, I found myself with the friends to wipe it away.
  • The support, care and love of friends really filled my heart. Be it in office, PG or my blogger friends. It really felt at peace when friend pinged me directly; asking me the reason rather than simply to read the blog, when friends bought medicines and scolded me for my illness, when they called me every time for dinner and lunch, when they cheered me up whenever I felt dull, when H bought home food for me……….Salute to Friendship! 🙂
  • I enjoyed being pampered at home. I bow my parents for their care and simply I am thinking I can never be even 1% mom as my mom is! Moms are really like this only! The part that filled my heart with tears and a fear that girls leave their parent’s home after marriage. This happened when my father was talking to me and in next moment, tears came in his eyes and after sometime my mom also started crying. How to tell them I am here only and not going anywhere now!
  • I had my first Vodka 🙂 Although there were just few drops (I guess) in one glass of Coke and I didn’t feel anything, but I am happy with the thought that coke had vodka. And I want to give again one shot to see how it feels to be in Full Nasha 😀
  • I am with these three wishes for this month – to do nose piercing, to have a rose tatoo on my left ankel, to buy SLR camera and to go on sky diving.
  • Finished reading of ‘The five people you meet in heaven’ by Mitch Albom and ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma. Again these books have taken me to different world. You are new you. I just wish when I can get the courage and wisdom of Julian in ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari’ and clarity of thoughts like Eddie in ”The five people you meet in heaven’ even after my death.

Lets see, how this month of November goes! Good Luck to me!

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