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PG Gang after a long time clustered together and the only thing that one can hear is ‘hahahahaha’. Even if someone will try to speak a word, the dialogue is cut by whim of uncontrol laughter. So, there is one Madam, our Sleepy Queen. Madam loves sleep so much that when she has to get up early morning, she doesn’t bother to open her eyes and tries to finish all the important tasks with closed eyes. How many of us can do this? 😉 Madam was putting toothpaste and her mind interrupted after smelling more fragnant Fair and Lovely on her toothbrush. Sad, she would have finished her brushing, you can’t have more whitening than Our Fair and Lovely 😀

One day, early morning madam was trying to open the door through which newspaper was kept to jam it. Madam dialogues with one another madam X…..

Madam -: Listen X, you should not keep the newspaper there. When I am trying to haul the newspaper, the tensile strain is exerted in the longitudinal direction which causes the tearing of the newspaper only on one side, the side facing me (By-the-way, which law is this…….never studied in my academics). It becomes difficult for me to open the door.

Miss X -: Aarey yaar, why are you giving me such a wacky logic of all this nonsense. Can’t you see the handle and open the door……… Why you need to pull the newspaper to open the door……  😀 (common sense is not so common among common people)

And our madam’s favourite Biscuit is……..TIME PAAS 😀 But seriously, it is tasty. How the time paases, you never know while having our TIME PAAS.

And our silly pranks continued and continued………………

(Madam I have taken your permission……..hope you won’t hit me after reading this)

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Today after long a time our PG gang of girls went out to roam recklessly. Romeo girls in love with balmy breeze and drizzles, we all were showing the photography artistic skills clicking every flower on the roadside. I would have never known that our area is ‘a brimful bouquet’, lavishing with beauty everywhere.
My clicks………..

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I am waiting for the song when it will have my name………hehehehehe! 🙂 Today this song occupied my mind totally. Don’t know where I heard it in the morning and the time I booted my lappi, I kept on playing again and again. During lunch, I was mumbling this song and everyone stated shouting on me after hearing the new tone which I had given to the song! God knows, why He has deprived me of this talent. You should never listen me singing………. 🙂

Kabhi kabhi Aditi zindagi mein yuhi koi apna lagta hai.
Kabhi kabhi Aditi wo bichhar jaaye to ek sapna lagta hai.
Aise mei koi kaise apne aansu o ko behne se roke?
Aur kaise koi sochle everything’s gonna be ok?

Kabhi kabhi to lage zindagi mein rahi naa khushi aur naa mazaa.
Kabhi kabhi to lage har din mushkil aur har pal ek sazaa.
Aise mein koi kaise mushkuraye, kaise hasde khush hoke?
Aur kaise koi soch de everything’s gonna be ok?

Soch jara jaaneja tujhko hum kitna chahte hai.
Rotein hai hum bhi aggar teri ankhon mein aansu aate hai.
Gaane to aata nahi hai magar phir bhi hum gaate hai.
Ke Aditi maana kabhi-kabhi saare jahan mein andhera hota hai;
Lekin raat ke baad hi to sabera hota hai.

Kabhi kabhi Aditi zindagi mei yuhi koi apna lagta hai.
Kabhi kabhi Aditi wo bichhar jaaye to ek sapna lagta hai.
Hey Aditi Hasde hasde hasde hasde hasde, hasde tu zara.
Nahi to bus thora thora thora thora thora, thora mushkura.

Happy-go-lucky and cool song!

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I had gone down to the cafeteria to grab tea and was surprised to see its ambiance. Today Cafeteria is looking vibrant with paintings, greeting cards, book marks, choclates, garlands and all sort of decoration. Students and teachers from many schools have come to thank company for all the community work. They have put many posters and I love to read them. The line which struck me most on one of the poster………


This line is still floating in my mind.

We had ice cream Party Today! Yippe…..m in heaven! 🙂

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Travelling is a life-long romance. Yesterday, while coming from office my mind diverted towards banglore’s buses. When I reached Banglore first time, one of my biggest surprise was the size of the buses here. I was just looking inside and was trying to count the number of people that the bus had grapsed. And the second surprise was to see that there are seperate seats for men and women.  

Don’t know why but I used to feel happy to make my journey by bus. Rather, it is almost 8-9 years that I did any decent bus journey. The eagerness with which we used to wait for bus to go to my grandma home and the hurriedness with which we used to run to capture the window seat….I love these moments. Now, my best friend is changed from bus to rick and that one I too enjoy……(Hoping to get my salaries fast so that I can have my own car).

Only once I boarded the bus in Pune. If you want to seek some adventure, pune buses are best. It is like if the bus has 50 seats, then 101 passengers will be inside the bus leaving the air conditioner top seat. I was just sequeezed standing in the middle and whatever I was shouting to them they were not understanding it. It was difficult for me to breathe. Thank God, that my nose is long so I could breathe the air present in the gap between my nose and chin. 🙂 But I was feeling happy observing the passenger’s expressions, the way they were showing the angerness and their shouting on the conductor. And when I used to pass smile to these angry passengers, the change in their expression was fantastic. With the banglore bus, I am not carrying any memory with me! Not even once, I boarded the bus here! 😦

Somehow now a fear has grown inside me to travel by buses. I am not sure whether it is the fobia of new places or what?

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My Day!

Gosh! I hate these embarrassing situations. As always, I have to say ,”Why this happens only to me?”. So, today I was happy for not going to my office. Infact, it just bores me when whole day you have to sit in-front of screen and then snooze your mind after every fifteen minutes to start work. We (me and few of my team members) had some training today in another office. Trainings are also boring but I imagined this one to be more interactive rather than the long theory lectures. Actually a lot of compulsory homework was given to us which we need to finish before coming for the training. And I was happy today seeing my hardword in all my written notes! My school days! 🙂 Coming back to my training…….Yesterday I got some mail about the room change. Like the way I am, having very very poor observation….I just saw the room number and clicked x, to close it!

This morning was little bit busy. I have to collect all my washed clothes, have to check the office mails and then if the net is on, I will surely give time for blogging. And then posted some comments also 🙂 . Every second was telling me that I need to run hurriedly if I want to make it at proper time. So, finally I reached there. It took few minutes for me to locate the room. Don’t know why they made the training room in some impalpable corner of the building. I entered and sat on the first seat itself, not bothering to see behind! So, the lecture started. It was really a lecture- long, boring, only theory and no interaction! My mind was getting skeptical as to why nothing was going the way as it supposed to be. No relationship to my homework. Almost 1 hour, went like this. Atlast, we got break for 5 mins. So, I turned my head back to see where are my other team members. Not even one, was there! What was this? I tried to call H, and she was also not picking up her cell. A suspicion struck me if I was in correct room. I started my lappi to check the mail and it was different building. Ufff……I told the present instructor and everyone there started laughing. I didn’t bother to look even one face and rushed to the other building. When I entered that room and told the whole story, there also everyone started laughing. But this time, I could see all my friends and I had to make that stupid, ignorant innocent face as if these things happen to me always. He didn’t allow me inside. I spent half day sitting in cafeteria alone. I hate this thing! Finally, I came back home. I need to again take the training and again have to ask my manager. Ohhhh…..what will she think when I will tell her the reason! So stupid reason because of my so stupid observation!

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Not able to think on any topic, so coming-up with this entry! Simple conversation between my friend P and me in Pune.

Me -: Hey, congrats for your job!

P:- Thanks. But you know, I got three more offers from I and R and A also. Here in T, even the package is less, but may be after 1 year, they will make me 15% partner of the company.

(Adding further) The company is owned by my friend and he is going for P.Hd outside. So may be after sometime I will be the director of the company.

Me:- Really????? ( pretending to be surprised)

Me:- So, whts the plan for future? When are you getting married?

P:- May be I will think about marriage after 3 years. This year I am planning for my house and next year I have to buy two cars.

Me:- two cars? Why?

P:- One I will keep in my native and the other one here.

(By-the-way what is this logic?)

Me:- How is aunty? When is she planning to visit you?

P:- She will come in Diwali. I will buy flat that time. After investing there, I am opening one BPO also. BPO requires less investment and the output is huge.

Me:- Okay then, make me the incharge of the BPO. Atleast, I can say one comapny as my own. 🙂

P:- Ooohoo, Don’t say like that, you work in I.

Me:- But I is not mine …. 🙂

Me:- Which technology are you working on?

P:- Presently it is Java and VC++. Our company is coming-up with the new product and I have suggested the name of our new product. The seniors are thinking to make me in-charge of the naming of the products.

S came in-between and I thanked her 🙂 I was in total dilemma, Was he saying the truth Or I myself was pretending it as a lie! Sorry P, but I can’t digest all these things!




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I love to get seat on window side in my cab. Enjoying songs with calm breeze is one of the best thing that can happen to me. I didn’t notice the qualis which was moving parallelly to my cab, a triffling thing to notice! When our cab stopped at one of the signal, I casually looked outside to notice this time,  a young girl, may be of 4-5 years, sitting in this qualis, who was moving the window glass of the vehicle up and down. I was noticing her innocence, the way she was enjoying this simple play. After sometime, she also moved her head up to see me. I was about to pass smile to her, but don’t know I felt she would not like it. I don’t have any idea of the banglorean kids 🙂 She continued to stare at me and I was continously looking into her eyes. Signal turned green and qualis moved somewhat away to be seen again in the next signal. I noticed that the girl was looking behind to get some glimpses of me. Again luckily the qualis stood adjacent to my cab. This time, without thinking I passed smile to her and instantly she passed a big smile to me. It was soooooooo cute and full of innocence! The signal remained hardly for 2-3 minutes, but for all this 2-3 minutes, I was smiling from heart, really felt very happy. 🙂 You made my day Sweety, whereever you are I am blowing a kiss for you…..hope you will get it… 🙂

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I think my this blog will turn more about my favourite songs rather than about my thoughts and feelings…. 🙂 I don’t know how many times I have heard this song today and now also it is going on and on……

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Gosh, I have so many things pending on my side. But there are so many dead reasons lay in the way of accomplishing them.

1. I have to wash soooooooooooo many clothes. 😦 But the motor is not working. And now so many clothes have collected (from last week also), I don’t have bucket to keep them.

2. I have to finish some office work, but my disk space is full. I have mailed to others also, who are sharing with me, but no one replied.

3. I have to finish reading Life of Pi. I took this book from my PG mate and she is leaving PG next week. So have to finish it, otherwise my mind will be hanging in the story of book.

4. I have to finish drawing mandla for my tarot cards. For this, I have to go to shop to buy drawing notebook. And today I am feeling too lazy to go anywhere for shopping.

5. I am feeling very strong to read Brida. But don’t know where I kept the book. I am not able to find. I looked everywhere in my room. When S came, I had kept some things in other room. Don’t know if it went somewhere there! Now I am feeling the disadvantages of the small room.

6. I have to visit some of the blogs in Xanga. It has been really long time I didn’t visit my favourite blogs. I am missing all these blogs.

7. I have to finish paying bills for my mobile and broadband.

Hmmmm……wht else?? I can remember these things only! Now I have to start cleaning my room. 🙂

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