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Right Now…..

My father has come down to my city for some official work, I am staying with my childhood friend, Holiday is planned for this weekend, Plans are maturing to go to my native………….

Who will like to work with all these happenings? Just want to shrug-off all my office stuff and want to escape atleast for a week from my work!

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H is my sweet Kannada teacher and G my caring brother. Both H and G are married and we all are working in same company. I wonder how God keeps sometime unknowingly beautiful, unasked relationships in your lap. Sometimes my heart just gets filled with so much thankfulness for them that I can’t even say ‘Thanks’ to them. It feels ‘thanks’ is such a small word to say for their love, care, support and all the help.

I always feel uneasy when I am with some couple. I become so conscious of my words, of my behavior, the topics on which I should talk and with a thought how both them are feeling because of my presence. Everyone wants some privacy, some beautiful moments to share especially at the start of their married life. H and G never made me to feel like this. I have always felt so comfortable and never that feeling bothered me. It is fun when H and me are on one side and G alone on the other in teasing war. It feels so good when G acts like your elder brother and give commands and I like young one always ready to tease him. H is so special. Her cubicle is just next to me and my half time goes in her cube and her half in my cube 😀 She just understands me so well. Glad that she came in my life! 🙂

Just want to say Thanks from deep down of my heart to God for sending them in my life!

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So, today after a long time our corporate service department kept Choclate Biscuits in the pantry. The box was totally full when I went for meeting. Can’t control if I see Bourbon Bicuits, I took one, just only ONE  😦  I was not knowing everyone is so hungry here, they can’t leave even half of biscuit. Within one hour the meeting finished…..the box is empty now. Empty like, someone has washed the container and then kept it again. H went to the next floor in a hope that she can get one biscuit. Alas! Really, whole of my office employees are so crazy about these Bourbon. And next thing that can make them wacky is Chiki………..Next time I will be prepare for this war to grab as many as I can………..Good Luck to me!

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