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Right Now…..

My father has come down to my city for some official work, I am staying with my childhood friend, Holiday is planned for this weekend, Plans are maturing to go to my native………….

Who will like to work with all these happenings? Just want to shrug-off all my office stuff and want to escape atleast for a week from my work!


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Moment of a Blink……

Guess what, today while talking to my mom on phone I get to hear full story of Big Boss. We didn’t talk anything else. And for the remaining time, she has kept the phone on her ears but her eyes were on TV, watching Big Boss. Wow! What is the magic of this Big Boss? First time I am seeing my mom getting involved in some soap other than ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ and ‘Shanti’. This time I am sure that I goona get to see and hear some other channels when I will go to my native, other than Sanskar, which is now her favourite. Mom dear enjoy! And surprisingly my bro, who doesn’t like to watch TV, is also totally involved in Big Boss! wow! What a change Big Boss has bought to our home 🙂

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These days typical conversation between my mom and me involves my mom’s favourite topic ‘marriage’. And whenever I tell her, give me one more year, I am not yet ready for marriage and to take all the responsibilities, she angrily shouts, “you have got job, now well-settled, I don’t understand for whom you want to wait now. There is time for everything. When I was of your age, M (my young bro) had already started going to kindergarten.” What excuse should I give her? Hope she could understand I am hanging in dilemma. I guess it happens with everyone. That is another story. On one side, sometimes I do feel to get married and have ‘my own home’ especially when I go to some supermarket and see all the homely things. I just wish I can buy them and then decorate my sweet home. On one side, having no idea who will come in my life makes me pendulous. Now I wish I should have gone for love marriage. There is no love line given on my palm and absence of it has always created repulsion between me and love. Now I am too old, even to think about love 😀  My parent’s selection criteria works like this……..

  • Guy should be from J (my native).
  • He should of my caste.
  • Horoscopes should match.
  • His surname should not be same as my mother’s family surname (when I asked her why? I got to hear, “This is the custom. It happens like this only”)
  • Preferably he should be working in some IT company (When I asked her the reason. The obvious answer was compatibility. And when I told her I don’t want to work after marriage, she went into topsy-turvy situation 😀 )
  • The guy should not be settled outside India.


And when someone asks me about my criteria, I say ,”The guy should be tall. I always love to wear heels. And don’t want to abandon wearing heels after my marriage 😀 ”

Whatever it is, I am totally loving this journey. And I guess the enjoyment will come to end once some proposal will get fix. I just pray God to give me some time. And ‘HE’ will surely give me, afterall he knows me better than anyone else 🙂 Like the way it is happening, some proposal is coming, not satisfying their selection criteria, and then my mom telling me on the phone…”Where are you hiding…Oh! Mother’s Son, appear for my daughter” and I am telling her,”Don’t say anything about my Pati Dev” and our laugh continuing endlessly. Wish this time never ends!

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Remember that advertisement on TV…..”My Daddy Strongest!”. I have always thought my father to be the strongest man and I guess every daughter thinks same. I have always thought him to be here, to give love, to care, to guide and to take away every trouble. But this time, when I went to my native, I noticed that wrinkles on his face, the white hairs, his back ache problem. He is getting older.

But he never made me to realize that he has his problems also. I always felt complete and infinite secure in the relationship. I never bothered myself to think that he can grow weak with time. And when I am seeing all this happening, a strange feeling is circling my mind. Someday, my brother will come into picture, taking all his responsibilities. How the cycle of life goes!

He never made me to realize the tears in his eyes when he left me in Pune for studies, he never made me to realize that he had backache and then also he dropped me to my friend’s home. He has always played chess with me even when he is not in a mood. He has always loved me after every scolding. He is always on my side, when I have some argument with my mom. He loves to gift surprises on my birthday. He has always solved my problem in just a blink by saying just a few words. And when I was coming to Bangalore to join my first job, he said,” Your each step matters to many people, THINK and always try to be the one that makes you to feel good and happy from heart”. Just tears were there and I couldn’t say even ‘bye’ to him. 

I was never that close with my father as I was with mom. The conversation between Daddy and me was more restricted to my study, books, politics, authors, my subjects and more kinda of formal talk. Yesterday when he called me, we talked so differently. Not many times, he had told me, what he did whole day. Like a child who is excited with happiness after getting unexpected gift, my father was telling me his whole day routine. I can sense the freeness in his voice. Nothing is so pure like the relationship between daughter and father! Love you so much Daddy 🙂

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Life is so confusing sometimes. You get intermingle with all the colors of life as if all these colors are part of you only. But deep down in your heart there is casting of rainbow made of the best memories of your life and when sun appears, the rainbow blooms giving you unending happiness. But why the sun goes? Why can’t sun always be there with me?

This is the first time that I am missing home this much. Never it happened before. May be long vaccation gives many memories and so all these feelings. This was the best vaccation. Mom, Dad and me, all went out to Leh. Leh in Ladhaki language means ‘jee’ (added after the name to give respect).


I could able to take the camera out and clicked the top view of the mountains. You never know when the air hostess will peep from behind asking you to keep the camera inside.

View of Leh Palace in the night with full moon in the sky. I have no words to describe the feeling when you spend the whole evening gazing at this scene.

My first encounter with apples on the trees.

– View from the palace.

– Another view from the palace. More pics………..

On the way to Lake Pangong…………..

Pangong Lake………

The clear clear water……..

Hope this time comes again and again……………..

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My best loved things to be in home:-

  • Nothing is best than being with your parents.
  • The feeling of being pampered.
  • Home-food and whatever wish is there of the eatable, it comes true in a moment only.
  • Meeting with the old friends and unending stories of happenings in life.
  • To be in your own room and the perfect sleep on your own bed.
  • After a long time, you get chance to decorate your room.
  • Father happily gives TV remote to you to watch any channel of your choice 😀
  • Your heart is never calm and secure like the way when it is in home.
  • You love to hear the scoldings 😉 of Dad.


And I don’t like:-

  • You beocome too lazy.
  • Sleeping becomes your favourite time pass. And you want to spend maximum time chatting with mom but your sleepiness always takes over your chat.
  • The nostalgic feeling when you have to return back.
  • When relative treats you like guests. You can clearly see the change in their behavior.
  • Office work always hangs in your mind somewhere in the remote corner of the brain. And you can’t get away from this feeling.
  • Your brother doesn’t fight or argue with you….You can’t believe this, how much he has changed and have started giving respect to you 😦 His calm nature even when you try to invoke anger in him really surprises you.
  • You have to call each and every relative and have to give explanations to everyone why you can’t come to meet them. It feels awkward when you see that their only concern is how much you have changed.

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Missing my home today! From morning, I haven’t talked to mom. No one is picking-up the phone there. 😦 Don’t know where all they have gone? If I would have been there, all of us would sit in the garden this time, daddy with a book in his hand, mom and me talking on some topic, B in my room but his ears earger to know what the conversation is going between mom and me! All of us with evening tea (except B) and enjoying evening time………..

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