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Sitting in some lonesome corner

having sip of coffee in that shop

with eyes on an old couple

she hoped to get a puzzle

that opens itself for an answer

binding heart with heartbeats  

What if….

someone would hear

her echo of silent noise!!


You don’t get to meet soulmates on road


Waiting for her bus with bizarreness

listening to her favorite song

with eyes on a young couple

she hoped to get sprinkle of trust

where every new fearful thought

no longer can tear bridge apart

What if….

someone would see

her shadow of shivering spots!!


You don’t get to meet soulmates on road


When butterflies flutters in your stomach

when you feel fire, a burning from inside

with rush of warmth through your body

you, with the magical moment frozen in time

No….you don’t get to meet soulmates like this!

You never get to meet soulmates on road

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Today the topic on Sunday Scribbling is ‘I believe…” and here is my in-take for SS…..

Wisdom of hollowness inside my body

sometime argues with endurance of my soul

Makes me to abandon all my words…….

the words of my spirit, “I believe in ME”


Barren land of haunted desires

sometime craves for spark of drop

My body wants to leave everything

But my soul cries and shouts….

“I believe in vigor of my tears”


Lifeless body lingers with soul

sometime hides behind fallacious wall

My body leaves truth to live in fallacy

But my soul dances and shouts…

“I believe in trueness of my breath”


Somewhere beyond this moment

where my soul and my body dances

in the realm of isolated heaven

I can surely hear my song….

I believe in togetherness

of my body and my soul

“I Believe in ME”


PS – I always felt for many things, an argument always goes between my soul and my body. With this prompt, I just reflected my belief in ‘Me’ – a different me, where I can see togetherness of my Soul and Body.

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 I am alone with you, collecting pebbles and throwing them into your water. I don’t want any of my wish come true but just want to hear the sound of that final flop sending ripples same as the beating of my heart, echoes which finally will be consumed as all my prayers have been answered. I just want to concentrate on a point on the ripples which is swinging in backward motion of struggle and forward motion of desire. I can feel some sanity growing inside my body or may be my soul when I watch this show of life. I know I am the only culprit waiting again when silence will engross you and then again I can disturb your stand stillness. May be I know deep inside, silence is echoing turbulently to touch sky. I will throw the pebble again when droplet will mutate into tears, releasing you, soothing you…….finally.

I am not meant to go with crowd collecting pebbles to embellish my cottage but to throw my pebbles to watch a show of turmoil of my life ripples.


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Have you ever told her

She is very beautiful

‘She is beautiful like life’


Whose lips shiver

with shabby smile

to vomit handicap words

Have you ever told her

Your mind can support

her handicap words

Her smile showers

innocence of a child.


Whose skin is deep dark

appear like moonless night

mottled with millions stars

Have you ever told her

Your heart has strength

to embrace her dark night

She carries beauty

beauty behind closed eyes


Whose hands are rough

paralyzed with virgin touch

scudding deep into her soul

Have you ever told her

Your soul can hold her hands

Her soul makes life beautiful

‘She is beautiful like life’

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The aroma of breeze


fantasizing your world


with bardish imagination,


Making you to close eyes


to look deep within but


to notice that naked soul,


Sprouted from naked seeds,


Moved into the naked buds,


Gave universe naked flowers,


And stood with naked stalks!


Let me release my naked soul,


Let my naked soul take step


marked towards genesis!

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Memories lost in enigmatic grey matter

to have no yesterday, no tomorrow, no time

Today’s oracle with his occult magic stick,

blows softly anesthetic aromatic air

over your lashes, sailing you with time

leaving behind old memories in grey matter.

Is it so much difficult to penetrate labyrinth

like Kirchoffs’s laws mingled with hundreds wires.

Or is it so much easy to give words to memory

like framing the ticklish smile on face of child.


Memories are never lost in enigmatic grey matter

For I have seen soul, the soul wrapping grey matter!

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            The intrepidity to ACCEPT sometimes calls for ultimate courage. Oh My Life…..Bless me with this fearlessness. If someone sarcastically separates my soul from the body, what courage my life will demand to follow the way of acceptance, to live without soul? Why to sit in some lonesome corner and to watch tragedy of my own life. Acceptance will give birth to my soul, confidence to take me to my horizon. Lay down a simpler way for life to go…………….


Is acceptance sometimes a compromise or always a compromise or never a compromise?

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Right now, I am feeling as if there lay an endless vacuum between my body and my soul. Even if my body is mingling with all the lively things, enjoying with whatever given to the body by senses but inside, my soul is just sitting alone without any contact with anyone. My soul has become completely dormant. Like, my soul wants to be with my body, wants to feel sense of completeness and satisfaction. But  whenever the soul opens her arms to touch – a try towards liveliness, the soul finds that the distance between her and the body has increased.

Which feeling is this?

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Many leaves withered in autumn

to be carried by the wind

I am the only one destined to be

crushed by swift of feet

Before you take a step,

tell me once

Will you miss me when I die?


Many have decorated their life

with ingenuity of mastermind

I am the only one, left to be

tyrannized in ordinary shadow

Before you take brush to paint life,

tell me once

Will you miss me when I die?


Many have lived lives rejoicing

the love with their loved ones

I am the only one ordained to be

left alone rejoicing with my soul,

Before you take a step to bury me

tell me once

Will you miss me when I die?


Will you miss me when I die?


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‘YOU’ showed me the universe

a way to my life

by linking all the stars of

mysterious dark night.

I knitted dreams of future

and kept in macrocosmic box.

Moment came to come out

from womb into infinite illusion,

searching for meaning, may be

of answers or of questions

Creating circle at every step

and finding myself within spirals.

I searched for my macrocosmic box

in every credit of my heartbeat.

I knew, I had lost it

But, Where?

I found mystic ocean,

where waves come to seashore

vanishing every circle

that I drew, making me to learn

that every tide, every moment

holds a pearl for me,

I have to just give a try to find it.

Just a try…………….

I am now on death bed

where every breath

is struggling to come out

from blue veins

I am going deep inside

May be again to my mother’s womb

to see again my macrocosmic box

presented now to the universe by me,

and universe saying

“Thanks, for giving macrocosmic box”

– a box called Life!

Moronic me, who couldn’t understand

box was with me with all my knitted dreams.

Knitted dreams are

then gifted to me by the universe

to step again in my next birth of life – Death.

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