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Sitting in some lonesome corner

having sip of coffee in that shop

with eyes on an old couple

she hoped to get a puzzle

that opens itself for an answer

binding heart with heartbeats  

What if….

someone would hear

her echo of silent noise!!


You don’t get to meet soulmates on road


Waiting for her bus with bizarreness

listening to her favorite song

with eyes on a young couple

she hoped to get sprinkle of trust

where every new fearful thought

no longer can tear bridge apart

What if….

someone would see

her shadow of shivering spots!!


You don’t get to meet soulmates on road


When butterflies flutters in your stomach

when you feel fire, a burning from inside

with rush of warmth through your body

you, with the magical moment frozen in time

No….you don’t get to meet soulmates like this!

You never get to meet soulmates on road

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When sporadic thought springs-up

a wish lingers with it

for you to think my thought

I wonder……..What then……

if you would have known

my wish

my thought

-Just an innocent telepathy


When every dawn crosses darkness

a wish lingers with it

for you to become my first light

I wonder……..What then……

if you would have known

my wish

my light

-Just an innocent telepathy


When I lift heart towards heaven

a wish lingers with it

for us to wish with same shooting star

I wonder……..What then…..

if you would have known

my wish

my prayer

– Just an innocent telepathy

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Silently when you close eyes

flashing hundred thoughts

of us counting countless stars

I see myself in twinkling

reflection of every star

Is this love

to see me in your thoughts?


Silently when you lay steps

lightening corners of my heart

where crazy dreams are multiplying

I see myself at every step

with you holding hands

Is this love

to wish to be part of your journey?


Silently when you gaze at sky

seeking to get view of your angel

who can blossom you and I into Us

I see myself on those clouds

with your angel admiring me

Is this love

to become part of your prayers?

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Beholding future in glittering eyes

Sunset beauty ransacked by heart

Hands held trussing two fate lines

Wrapping them in ecstasy of heaven

Lips rest on each other touching heart

Lovers inside seashell forming pearl

Stepping on journey bounded by love!

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I sat besides you

to see

a similitude of hearts,

trying to match lines

of my right palm

with the lines

of your left palm.

For I always heard

resemblance floats

in HIS right hand

with HER left hand.

A search of love!

-ridiculous search

-foolish mind

-ludicrous hope

-unbelievable truth


– sprightliness of heart!

My trial to finish an agreement

between my soul and my body!

I wonder

Why can’t I know my love from

his enlightened eyes

his playful touch

his soft hairs

his tranquil kiss

or his halcyon hug!


I wonder

about these dead lines,

carrying  my love, my soul!

I hallowed my prayers,

in front of deity, my God.

Unknowingly to see one day,

some ‘identity’ ‘resemblance’!

electricity fierced my body,

some unseen darkness,

‘pralay’ took earth below my feet!

Are ‘YOU’ my soulmate,

How can I see my left lines

on this deity’s right hand?

Search is still continuing…….

not for ‘YOU’

but for the painter

who painted ‘YOU’,

painting your left hand

exactly like my right hand!

I wonder and I am still wondering…….

Who are you, my painter, my love, my soulmate?

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I wrote sometime back about ‘soulmates’ in my post Soulmates and Lovers. And now while reading Brida, my favourite topic again flashed. I am loving this book! I am writing down some words which I felt are precious and have made my mind to give credence about my soulmate.

“We are eternal because we are all manifestations of God. That is why we go through many lives and deaths, emerging out of some unknown place and going towards another equally unknown place.”…………………………………”And when people think of reincarnation, they always come up against a very difficult question: if, in the beginning, there were so few people on the face of Earth, and now there are so many, where did all those new souls come from? The answer is simple. In certain reincarnations, we divide into two. Our souls divide as do crystals and stars, cells and plants. Our soul divides into two and those new soul are in turn transformed into two and so, within a few generations, we are scattered over a large part of Earth.”

“We form part of what the alchemists call the Anima mundi, the Soul of the World. The truth is that if the Anima mundi were merely to keep dividing, it would keep growing, but it would also become gradually weaker. That is why, as well as dividing into two, we also find ourselves. And that process of finding ourselves is called Love. Because when a soul divides, it always divides into a male part and a female part.”

“But how will I know who my Soulmate is? By taking risks. by risking failing, disappointment, disillusion, but never ceasing in your search for Love. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end.”

“Is it possible to meet more than one Soulmate in each life? Yes. And when that happens, the heart is divided, and the result is pain and suffering. Yes, we can meet three or four Soulmates, because we are many and we are scattered.”

“The essence of Creation is one and one alone. And that essence is called Love. Love is the force that bring us back together, in order to condense the experience dispersed in many lives and many parts of the world.”

“We are responsible for the whole Earth because we do not know where they might be, those Soulmates we were from the beginning of time. If they are well then we, too, will be happy. If they are not well, we will suffer, however unconsciously, a portion of their pain. Above all, though, we are responsible for re-encountering, at least once in every incarnation, the Soulmate who is sure to cross our path. Even if it is only for a matter of moments, because those moments bring with them a Love so intense that it justifies the rest of our days”.

“We can also allow our Soulmates to pass us by, without accepting him or her or even noticing, Then we need another incarnation in order to find that Soulmate. And because of our selfishness, we will be condemned to the worst torture humankind ever invented for itself: Loneliness”

My mind is now vacillating with so many questions. I hope to get the answers of all these questions by the time I finish the book. But I am happy, there is part of me somewhere on this earth. I am feeling happy and calm with a thought of this. I love you, Paulo Coelho 🙂



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I used to always think that soulmates are your lovers only and whoever will be my lifepartner will also be my soulmate that God has chosen for me. But sometimes deep down my heart used to ping me that it could be wrong. Still, I am not clear about exact difference between the lover and soulmate. But yesterday in the tarot class M threw some light on this. She told soulmates and lovers are different. It is not necessary that your lover will also be your soulmate. And  when I told her I want my lifepartner to be my soulmate, she told that my soulamte is a woman, but she has no clue about her. I have to wait till the time when my soulmate will be revealed to me. For me the best thing is ‘sharing’. I need to share what I think, how I feel and this is the way to make my mind free. Good, that I came in Blog World.

According to her, soulmates can be any person with whom your soul feels a sense of completeness, any person who can know the silence of your heart and everytime when you talk or think about him/her, there is nothing that you can expect. All your life will be fully satisfied. In love, it may happen that you will be happy with that person but deep down in your soul, in your heart, there will be something that you will miss. Many times it will flash in your heart, but may be you will think that my partner is giving me everything and may be it is bad to divert my mind on something. There can be dissatisfaction with your lover but not with your soulmate. There is pleasure with your lover and happiness with your soulmate.

There is a reason for every event and for every person who is coming in your life. But no need to make your life a mess thinking about reason for every single person with whom you have met. Life will show you the reason and may be unknowlingly that time, you will just walk away. Events and persons do transform us. It may happen that you have promised or talked about something in your previous birth and now in this birth you both are meeting to accomplish that promise and to fulfill any objective.

Out of curosity, I thought of searching on web if I could get something. Most of the pages think about love only. And some of the pages describe how to search for your soulmate? Do we need to search? No, never………..I believe this task is of God, let God do this thing afterall God is the best decision maker for us.

Web says, “there is no doubt that somewhere, possibly in the deepest recesses of our heart, we are all looking for a person who will make us feel complete. It could be your spouse, parent, sibling, friend, guru, boss or even your pet dog”.

This is among many of the definitions that I like.

A soul mate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are…

“Our soul mate is the one who makes life come to life.”

 4th June – I posted this entry on Xanga also and I feel this is one of the best comment from Dyse to ponder about.

I love this pondering..One thing for certain is You Know when you have
met your Soul Mate..( hopefully they Know too:) …It is a deep inner
awareness…A recognition …I know have more than one Soul Mate too…
We are many faceted…Soul comes before Mate in the context…We are
richly blessed when we find Our Soul Mate (s) and are able to Become
Lovers too…It is not always the case…Anam Cara…Soul Friend..
in Gaelic..takes the “mate” as lover out of the equation..making
 it more like the Brits “Mate” as “Friend”…A Love and Soul Mate
 in One..wow…I have known it…seen it..it is radiant..like the
 sunshine..around two who have found and recognized each
other…What a Blessings

Then there is A Twin Flame..which I now recognize as more
 than a Soul Mate…most often they are not in incarnation at
the same time..on the other hand if they are..they may burn
so brightly..they cannot live together or even near each other…
They are One who are carrying out different learning tasks…
by pre arranged contract….Love is Instantaneous…It can also
cause “challenges” ….The best way ( so it seems at this moment to me)
to be near ones Twin Flame is to be one in and one out of incarnation
…but They Know…they can also see each other perhaps more
clearly than others see either of them….They usually if they can
make a pre birth arrangement to meet* in a current incarnation…
and That is the Blessing…The Awareness that the Other Self..
( two wicks one flame) is in incarnation too…..There is nothing
 to compare looking into A Twin Flames eyes and Knowing..
Just Knowing…It is also like a deep ache…that can be if they have opportunity ..reunited for a while in co meditation…but
They Know..It is a love that makes no sense..is intense and
they are aware that together they are very very powerful…
( a powerful force for good)…for various reasons..speeding up
the Spirits evolutionary process is the most common one..
unless they contracted to Serve in Specific Ways…Seperately..
A Soul Mate who is also Lover..Beloved…mmm…..yes like
they speak your hearts most secret dreams…without words
…they dance a perfect duet iin life….and Love ..ah Love…wonderous…
I just saw “pre-lude to a kiss” …about a bride and an old man
who ‘were accidentally switched’ on the wedding day…Soul=Concsiousness….
add a Twin Flame to the equation and it is like a nuke going off
…..attraction and repulsion at times…because they Are Two Parts of One…
closer than a Soul Mate…though that may feel and be a merging
of Self…with Self…
Ah well..great points you brought up* ThankYou..>>DysE<<


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