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Sitting in some lonesome corner

having sip of coffee in that shop

with eyes on an old couple

she hoped to get a puzzle

that opens itself for an answer

binding heart with heartbeats  

What if….

someone would hear

her echo of silent noise!!


You don’t get to meet soulmates on road


Waiting for her bus with bizarreness

listening to her favorite song

with eyes on a young couple

she hoped to get sprinkle of trust

where every new fearful thought

no longer can tear bridge apart

What if….

someone would see

her shadow of shivering spots!!


You don’t get to meet soulmates on road


When butterflies flutters in your stomach

when you feel fire, a burning from inside

with rush of warmth through your body

you, with the magical moment frozen in time

No….you don’t get to meet soulmates like this!

You never get to meet soulmates on road

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I am now with Paulo’s ‘BY THE RIVER PIEDRA I SAT DOWN AND WEPT’. And few things in the book just made me to think very hard. The words….

“And we (women) came to understand the cycle of creation, because our bodies repeat the rhythm of the moon……that the moon was a reflection of my womanhood”

That night when I read these words, I went out to see the moon. Can I see the woman in the moon? I tried to find me in the moon – the woman I am! This was the first time when I was visualizing moon as feminine. And really it feels great to know about moon as symbol of feminism. Moon is Me!

When I surfed, most of the sites talked about the mysteries of moon and womanhood in menstruation. This, in turn lead our ancestors to associate the event of mensuration with the symbolism of the Womb of Tomb. This supported what the ancients saw occuring in the sky; the ability of the Moon to transform, change, and disappear for three days and then suddenly reappear to live again – having correspondence with Menstrual Cycle. And I have read about the ‘three faces of woman’ and now I found another face of woman, making it as ‘Four Faces of Woman’.

  • Dark Moon/New Moon – Rising moon not yet visible. At the end of this stage a very small crescent can be seen. Face of Woman – Hag. Both at the end and the beginning of the moon cycle’s, indicates turning inward, future potentials, concentration of essential energies, spiritual emphasis for the greater whole.
  • Waxing Moon/First Quarter – Can be seen in the west during the first part of the night. Appear to be getting fatter. Face of Woman – Maiden: indicative of developing personality, self absorption, drawing things toward her. Moon shows fast flowing incoming energies, things put in motion with effort, face facts, overcome obstacles.
  • Full Moon – Night of full moon on the 3rd day is when this stage ends. Face of Woman – Young Mother: product of involvement, has a developed and mature personality.
  • Waning Moon/Last Wuarter – The moon appears to be thinner and is reducing to a thin narrow crescent again. Face of Woman: Grandmother: concerned with entire family and community, giving one’s own experience of self development, teaching others of what she has learned. Moon shows outgoing energies, letting go of what is no longer needed or required, resolution of situations, finalizing conditions, rid of troubles and unwanted conditions.

I know next time when I will be looking at the moon, I will surely see the woman hiding inside her. But don’t know why till at this point, I never bothered myself or never tried to look into the feminine side of nature. Nature must be a woman!!

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Nature abhora a vacuum, and if I can walk with sufficient carelessness, I am sure to be filled! 


Yesterday night while surfing the channels, I just stopped seeing Sandra Bullock on Star Movies. And within five minutes, I was completely lost in the movie Premonition. I just love these dialogues between Linda (Sandra) and Father.

“You see, history is full of unexplained phenomenon. Nobody knows why……Some people thought, they suffered from what the Ancients called ‘blasphemare absence feels’; the dangers of the faithless…..

“The faithless…..”

“It’s the notion that Nature abhors a vacuum. Even a spiritual one. People who have lost their beliefs, they are like empty vessels. More susceptible to having their lives taken over by forces bigger than themselves.”

“Almost like a curse.”

“Or a miracle!”

“Ya…..well I don’t believe in miracles.”

“Everyday we are alive can be a miracle.”

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The topic on Sunday Scribbling  is ‘I knew instantly’. Here is my in-take for this topic….

Withered by promise of spring


I, the forgotten autumn leaf


swayed with song of balmy wind


carried a deep promise for you


a promise of


melody in every rustle of step


beauty of sunset in every color


tale of promises from my lord


I, the forgotten autumn leaf


the moment I lost identity


I knew instantly


to be forgotten by my lord tree


to be forgotten by my embracer


But I have known eventually


you breathed the song silently


you danced in rustle’s melody


you kissed every color’s beauty


you thanked lord for unsaid promises


– unsaid promises reflecting my identity! 

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Who told you to die…..

in middle of desert

astonished by realm of unseen

holding mirage in twinkling eyes

waiting for your solitary rose

Are you not worthy

not even for one step

to sweep sand below your feet

Are you not worthy

not even to ask one question

shaking zenith of your thought

Are you not worthy

not even to take one breath

rising the soul to kiss your feet

You are……

You are…..worthy for this loneliness!

No one told you to die….

in middle of desert…..Please, don’t die!

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Mesmerized by your scintillating beauty

I,the darkest deepest blackest of night

look upon you, my lambent sheen moon

Admiring your tranquil beauty

I tell you to ablaze me

with your sheer radiance

You always make me still

I can never cross your way.

How can I know…..

I am Night,

          my beauty is in my deepest darkness

You are moon

          your beauty is to steal my beauty

I look fixedly on you and ask…..

Can our separateness bloom into closeness?

Mesmerized by your scintillating beauty

I look upon you, waiting for an answer.

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And my shinning stars flew away…….

………in the night sky

I separated two bounded stars

soaked in mystic moon light

untouched by realm of dreams

just to see depth of heaven

in shallowness of my thoughts

and to create a portion of sky

for my bounded stars to fly….

As I close my eyes

to cover my longing spirit

I see deep within me

my shinning stars flying away…..

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I am standing

cherubically staring

heap of my tacit dreams

lying in fictitious realm

radiating serenity

in every thought.

My dead dreams

do breathe silence

in matrix of dead hopes!


I am kissing

all radiant hopes

floating in balmy air

Not knowing from where

desolate parcel voyaging

with no dreams can dust-off.

My lively hopes

do twinkle endlessly

in dark shadow of hollow dreams!

There are some dreams for which no hope is attached. Reality doesn’t allow me to do it. They can never come true. But I do breathe these dreams. After all, life is not where all the dreams are to be fulfilled. They still give me happiness when I think about them. The childhood dreams, teenage dreams, career dreams and so on! Time always sets a limit on them. Dreams without hopes are still my life. There are some hopes for which I never dreamt. They are coming, fruiting in my mind and staying there. It never occurred to me to link dreams to these hopes. Hopes without dreams! And I have also found a bridge linking dreams and hopes. Living with this trinity of dream and hope sometimes make me to think hard.

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Creating a joint venture between head and heart puts a power pack behind your goals. Getting your head in sync with your heart and harnessing the power of coherence gives you the energy efficiency you need to achieve changes that haven’t been possible before. The head can notice what things need to change, but the heart provides the power and direction to actually bring about the changes…………

My action is mainly guided by my heart. But for every action, my head pings me, makes me to think, think without my heart. But at last, the end step is my heart’s voice. I am changed. Earlier, it was more of my head talk. I never listened my heart and may be I still crave for freedom, may be freedom means to listen to your heart. Your every step is echoed back with your heart’s voice. But steps are not taken by heart alone. My whole body is influenced by my every step. Then why do I forget my head (Is logic thinking is defined as head thinking?) There should always be a conscious step made by your head and admired by your heart or vice versa. The struggle will keep on going, but we are the bridge that can join these two narrow flowing rivers. I just wish what if all this could have been so easy…….it is not………..and ‘not’ simply makes the life worth, gives a way to go on search! Isn’t it beautiful?

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Sometimes to get hold of something seems so difficult,
The very end seems nothing but a horizon
Sometimes you want to live with the questions
As the answers make you insane
I always try to fly to reach out to heaven,
But I am here down living in my oyster
They always say to go deep down to get pearl
They always say to fly to horizon to get destiny
But what if, I tell them I want to live with my rose
That solitary rose which is meant for me only
The fervor, the warmth, the affection….isn’t that nice.
Why is it like this…..Only Depth gives you pearl?
But what if I am getting everything on the shore!
What really matter is your happiness….Isn’t it so?
Happiness is divine,
Divinity is purity
Purity is Love!


P.S. – Written on 24th December, 2007. Today the same thoughts are mingling with my grey matter.

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