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From my old box:-

I am a woman, a body subsuming the universe

Melancholy of love, passion, sorrow and desire

I am in the creation and in the annihilation

I am woman, a dancer of this whole enchilada

Ardency of your soul’s essence

Emotion, devotion, adulation and affection

I am a woman, part of God, queen of creation


A woman of Strength……….

  • A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape, but….. A woman of strength kneels in prayer to keep her soul in shape.
  • A strong woman isn’t afraid of anything, but…. A woman of strength shows courage in the midst of her fear.
  • A strong woman won’t let anyone get the best of her, but…. A woman of strength gives the best of her to everyone.
  • A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future, but….. A woman of strength realizes life’s mistakes can also be God’s blessings and capitalizes on them.
  • A strong woman walks surefootedly, but….. A woman of strength knows God will catch her when she falls.
  • A strong woman wears the look of confidence on her face, but….. A woman of strength wears grace.
  • A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey, but…. A woman of strength has faith that in the journey she will become strong.

Source – here

P.S. – pic of rose from my garden!

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Celebration is when….

  • you enter into the birthday gurl’s room with a bang of ‘dhan-te-nan-dhan-an-an’
  • string of guitar breaks just with the onset of ‘happy birthddddd…….’
  • giving all sorts of jerky and nutty blessings to birthday gurl.
  • cake is not meant to eat but to celebrate Holli, that too at 1 o’clock in night.
  • being happy for free facial with creamy cake.
  • giving birthday bumps and then arguing for hitting hard.
  • dancing with all kinda of non-sense steps at full volume.

Some days are just meant to have never-ending celebration…………

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behind velvety rosy

seductive veil

a face is hidden

carrying black


wandering stroke

of some white

tossing emotion

waiting for placidity

to make her world

to rest in her lap

not knowing 

besides her

a world is resting

her world where only

her shadow is breathing

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I really feel blessed that I am born as a girl. This post is not a debate on ‘men are from mars, women are from Venus’. It is simply about why I love being a woman. There are some instances I recently noticed and really Thank God that He (am also not sure whether God is he) made me woman. If I would have been born as man, I guess, and then also I would be happy. God is very smart in distribution. Both are incomplete without each and other.

  • I recently felt that men are more insecure and require more emotional support than women. They love to pretend tough but only extrinsically. I have found many times myself hanging in situation where I need emotional support. I guess if I would have been born as man, this would be the toughest thing for me.
  • Men miss something with a depth that is immeasurable. I have seen a father who is counting each day since her daughter left home after marriage. I can’t explain in words the expression he was carrying when he said, ” H, you know it is 321 days since you left your home”. Men do cry, but they can never show tear. They have to be tough. I remember my father when he left me in Pune and couldn’t turn back to see me with eyes full of tears. Thank God, being a women it is not difficult for me to cry.
  • There are so many topics that we women can talk about. S and U, my lunch mates in company are getting married in December. They are guys and they don’t have any topic to discuss on marriage. Their conversation is restricted to buying flat or where to go for honeymoon. If they would have women, we all can talk starting from make-up to children.
  • I have never seen men laughing on silly jokes. Their conversation is more of serious kind. And I love to laugh even on the silliest joke.
  • Women can spend full day in parlor, enjoying and relaxing. But I have never seen a guy going to saloon and spending full day in grooving himself.

I noticed these things recently, so thought of writing them down. Feels like more to come for this post in future, will add it then!

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Have you ever told her

She is very beautiful

‘She is beautiful like life’


Whose lips shiver

with shabby smile

to vomit handicap words

Have you ever told her

Your mind can support

her handicap words

Her smile showers

innocence of a child.


Whose skin is deep dark

appear like moonless night

mottled with millions stars

Have you ever told her

Your heart has strength

to embrace her dark night

She carries beauty

beauty behind closed eyes


Whose hands are rough

paralyzed with virgin touch

scudding deep into her soul

Have you ever told her

Your soul can hold her hands

Her soul makes life beautiful

‘She is beautiful like life’

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These days typical conversation between my mom and me involves my mom’s favourite topic ‘marriage’. And whenever I tell her, give me one more year, I am not yet ready for marriage and to take all the responsibilities, she angrily shouts, “you have got job, now well-settled, I don’t understand for whom you want to wait now. There is time for everything. When I was of your age, M (my young bro) had already started going to kindergarten.” What excuse should I give her? Hope she could understand I am hanging in dilemma. I guess it happens with everyone. That is another story. On one side, sometimes I do feel to get married and have ‘my own home’ especially when I go to some supermarket and see all the homely things. I just wish I can buy them and then decorate my sweet home. On one side, having no idea who will come in my life makes me pendulous. Now I wish I should have gone for love marriage. There is no love line given on my palm and absence of it has always created repulsion between me and love. Now I am too old, even to think about love 😀  My parent’s selection criteria works like this……..

  • Guy should be from J (my native).
  • He should of my caste.
  • Horoscopes should match.
  • His surname should not be same as my mother’s family surname (when I asked her why? I got to hear, “This is the custom. It happens like this only”)
  • Preferably he should be working in some IT company (When I asked her the reason. The obvious answer was compatibility. And when I told her I don’t want to work after marriage, she went into topsy-turvy situation 😀 )
  • The guy should not be settled outside India.


And when someone asks me about my criteria, I say ,”The guy should be tall. I always love to wear heels. And don’t want to abandon wearing heels after my marriage 😀 ”

Whatever it is, I am totally loving this journey. And I guess the enjoyment will come to end once some proposal will get fix. I just pray God to give me some time. And ‘HE’ will surely give me, afterall he knows me better than anyone else 🙂 Like the way it is happening, some proposal is coming, not satisfying their selection criteria, and then my mom telling me on the phone…”Where are you hiding…Oh! Mother’s Son, appear for my daughter” and I am telling her,”Don’t say anything about my Pati Dev” and our laugh continuing endlessly. Wish this time never ends!

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World is a perfect stage. You can get to see the most bizarre things on one side and on other side the simplest. Few days back, while surfing I came across some freakish researches and to me they all appeared funny and weird.


“Research suggests that men from polygamist cultures live 12 per cent longer than those who limit their affections to one woman at a time”

But ‘how?’ May be more women in their life means they will get more concern and care. I suppose this research suggests women are the best care taker 😉 But on my personal side, I will not ever let my husband to know about this research 😀 I don’t think anyone can take care of ‘him’ like the way I can 😉


“Rising early to go to work or exercise might not be beneficial to health, but rather a risk for vascular diseases.”

Wow! Now no need to get up early for exercise. This is the first thing I am gonna tell to my mom today when she will call 🙂


“If the people you are around are fat then you have an increased chance that you will be overweight as well.”


How many of you believe this? Well, if I reflect back on my life, it holds true for me. I am too lazy and not regular on my walk or exercise. I am more kinda of shilly-shally and it really unnerves me to go out alone for walk or to have some eatables. It all depends on my friends. If they are there then somehow I can make my mind. 

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PG Gang is now with new mantra – Weight Loss! So you can see everyone here is so enthusiastic to go for evening walk. Madams are buying new tracks and shoes. God only knows for how long it will continue. But you can imagine how optimistic we are! And the public park, near (means at a distance of 10 mins) to our PG which we have chosen for our evening walk is more kinda of ‘Couple Park’.

Rain was missing me today, I guess. Hardly had we done our evening walk, heavy rain came. And for shelter we went under thick canopy of tree. Don’t know why God is showering so much blessings on the couples……you can see them, under one umbrella. I won’t be writing more, you can imagine 😉  Some are drenching and some are singing songs. It was totally filmy atmosphere 😀 Thank God, no old people came today for walk, otherwise I feel embarrass by thinking how they must be feeling to see all this.

We waited for 15 mins, so that rain can stop. When no sign came, we decided to take auto. And the best thing, no one was carrying money. But it was okay, auto will stop infront of PG only and anyone can go inside to get the money. But who knows we will be getting the most thickheaded auto driver. In the auto, when we told him to take different route so that auto can stop exactly infront of PG, that fellow started shouting on us ,” I won’t take U-Turn, you have to get down at S Stop only, I won’t go anywhere else”. And when we told we are not carrying any money with us, you can imagine his face……. “paise nahin the tow auto mein kyu aaye, aab mein kya karu” (“If you don’t have money, who told you to take auto, what shall I do now”). And then we called our PG friend to come to ‘S’ stop with money.

So, shall we go for evening walk tomorrow also?

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I begged whole night


how much I need to cry,

to create a flow

to carry his hopes

from asylum of dead desires

to elysian of lively passions.

I begged whole night

telling him

I am a very weak soul

for he sees my vitality of tears

and not frailty of my abundant smile.

I begged whole night

making him to realize

how it feels

to see melting of snow….

how it feels when

tears drop without a reason….

I begged whole night

till day dawned with cloud

till my eyes dried without lashes

till my lips stitched with umbilical cord

till my mouth is puffed with ashes…….

I begged and I crawled

into his lap only for shelter….

covering my body and soul

meditatively with cushion of a thought

– May be the artist of mannequin

knows better about her

rather than

what mannequin thinks about herself.

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I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For who has sight so keen and strong,
That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak
I found the arrow, still unbroke;
And the song, from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend.


If I anatomize friendship, I have seen it never goes long. Somehow, in middle, something iffy always happen, that makes my friends to go. I feel may be I am the one who is at fault. Is it like this, with time my friends get me know better and no one likes me the way I am. With many of them, I have no contact. I tried many times, but everything went in vain. I miss them, I miss the love, I miss their caring, their gossips, their fights………I miss everything.   

N – N joined our school when we were in 9th standard. I remember the first very day, she made impression on all the teachers with her prompt behavior. I felt little jealous, she was taking my place. Somehow we both landed in same house (all of the students were divided into some known divisions called houses), which made us close. She used to sit behind my bench and always teasing me with the song…….’…..Dheere se tere muskarana’. Sounds funny 🙂 Our gang was always first when it comes to tease some special teachers. I miss every second spent with her. When she has to leave, she and her sister came to my home and she handed a letter to me. She couldn’t say that she would be leaving the city after some time. We were in contact by phone calls, don’t know what happened, all of sudden phone-calls stopped. I tried many times to call on her phone, but some one else was picking up the phone. Don’t know where is she now, but I pray from my heart to meet her someday.


P – For some people, I feel that I need their friendship at any cost, P was one of them. She was in different group and our friendship started with some phone calls to ask about the answer of particular questions during exams. I hope to be in contact with her for all my life.


Ni- She is in banglore only, but still we haven’t met. I don’t know what is there that she doesn’t want to contact me. I called many times, but I haven’t got any response. There is some limit that I cannot cross. I have left her. But I miss the way she was. Letting Go, is sometimes the best thing that you can do, but it pains when someone hides the reason from you.


 M – She is my divine inspirational teacher, always guiding me what is correct/incorrect with her long lectures. I know whenever I need her, she will always be by my side. 


S – I really feel lucky that I met S, as if , she has some magic stick and she can catch the vibration that is making me sad. I never explained anything to her and just by seeing my face, she can make out what is wrong with me. We are same in almost all the ways. She has now returned back to Iran. I just miss her.


I don’t know why I feel a different bonding, infinite bondness with these people. Rarely, I talk to them, but there is something that makes my heart happy when I think about them.

There are many people out here also, in my PG, H, in my company, many of my classmates……..who have always helped me, supported me……….many times when I have acted so crazy, have bugged them with my foolish acts, they have always come to help me. Why then I think…………I am alone here, alteast on this friendship day, I should not……..


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