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wow! Today is Fool’s Day and I am celebrating this fool day with my first post. I feel it is sometimes pleasing to think oneself as fool as no one is perfect. If you know beforehand this, you will not feel gloomy and doleful in many of the situations. But keep this secret with you only and act as if everything is on your side and cherish even if something happens.

Today in the morning my friend fooled me. She told that there was horrible accident of car happened near to our gate and I went outside to see only to realise that it was just a prank to make me fool. 🙂 In our office also, on our home page, a contest came. There was explanation of many things that need to be done. We were continuing to read it as the prize was a chance to meet Deepika Padukone. Atlast, we came to know it was a part of Fool’s Day. This all makes me feel good when we give importance to all the small things in life, celebrating each and every day of our life.

Today we went out for our team lunch. It was okay, for me 50-50, neither good nor bad. In the morning I received gift from my best friend – a chyme bell. It was surprise for me. Thanks so much sweety!

Good things -> I got mail from my manager appreciating my work. I called my sweet friend. My Bhaiya called me and it was great talking to him. He was trying to fool me by saying that his engagement got fixed. I managed all my jewellery boxes. I got gift from my friend.

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