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A special mate to me would be,

Someone who is there for me.

When I’ve lost my glow,

When I’m feeling low.

And who is there when I feel high,

And who I never want to say goodbye.

Hve you seen your sunset fade beneath the rain cloud?

Have you ever chased your dreams around?

Did you ever think that life was just a road of lonely days?

Thinking that life will never go your way?

All the times I’ve cried and tried to reach up to the sky,

but nothing works until I look into your eyes.

Have you ever had a sunrise promising your daylight,

But you find it hard to find your guiding light.

Now that rain cloud is fading,

And the promised daylight is arriving.

But I will carry on with life day by day,

Picking up my dreams along the way.

My life will one day be complete and this fake smile will disappear,

And slowly the real will start to appear

And this is all thanks to you,

With all the things you say and do.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me,

Your something very special to me.

You have chose me and of you I am a part,

And I hope you never leave my heart.




4th and 5th April’08 ->  Yesterday…..day was okay! Nothing special happened that I can write. I am planning to go for Art of Living for the coming vaccations, but may parents are also planning to come here. 🙂 Lets see, if I can go for it or may be next time. Today, again I went to office…….so stupid of me, I forgot my cell charger in office. I finished all my pending home tasks……….washing clothes, cleaning my room. I am feeling happy to be in this room now. 🙂 Thank You God.

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