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Sometimes I think

to fictionize myself

as that trendy girl

making my life

little bit daedal

little bit elemental

sometimes I feel

to vomit out complexity

believing mystery is what

you love to solve.

The inquisitive mystery in

my vibrant lipstick

my blackish mascara

or the pinkish blusher.

with me in salacious dress.

Sometimes my heart

makes me to believe

innocence can never

give birth to mystery.

Simplicity cannot shout

for it is always confined

in some rigid walls of mind.

May be I hold somewhere

some misleading, absurd,

foolish and adulterated

definition of ‘innocence’ and ’simplicity’.

Everyone shouted

to change, to adapt to be a

pixyish, whimsical woman.

I tried and grossed out

“I have to change to get love”

But that was not easy

not because

my trail was not vigorous

but because

I have started to think

“How I will hold the end?”

They can make me to learn

the game rules

and how to play

creating mysterious mystery.

But I am the only one

to end the game.

For I always feared void, end,

the end – beginning of nothingness.

For I always love to play the game

with my heart and my soul. 

I will be the loser

in both the ways. 

Sometimes I think,

If I give my hand to you,

You will surely hold it

not because you want to hold it for life

but because you want to help me

to cross the road.

Sometimes I wonder

‘crossing the road’ is

far better and simpler

than creating the mystery to seize you!



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