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Why are promises made? Why we need to give assurance for the future to someone? Does it not create some sort of obligation, some binding in the relationship? Why don’t we just go and give all the feelings to the relationship in such a way that both the sides know some silent, unsaid promises will always be kept. Promises have captured such an important part of our life, infact I am feeling that the foundation of all the pious relationship starts with ‘promises’.


I see myself in mirage of your promises

rather than in mirror which you hold.

Why are promises made?

Has the sky also promised mother

to shower rain,

light the night with stars and moon?

Has the air also promised the leaves

for thrilling life,

unending growth and balmy love?

May be yes,

May be a promise made in silence!

Why are promises made?


Why enigma spirals around my life

And you need to give me

derision binding with some subtle words

languid in falseness.

I collect your warm raindrop promises

on my palm, hiding it from sun

But with a fear when barren will appear,

these raindrops will turn vultures

gashing every portion of my soul.

I can’t see now ladder of your promises

but derision binding of my expectations.


Why are promises made?

You always draw love aroma by promises

Assuring me that you are always by my side

You are just a treacherous hunter, hunting my dreams

Please, don’t bind me….

Even I know you are just bystander

But I love to hear your words,

these falseness, meaningless

even when I know they are metaphors, fairy tales!

I love when you captivate me within promise bars

and I love to shout, “Why are promises made?”


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No thought is flickering my mind

I am aphonic in this silence

except with few shallow, hollow words

jumping to come out from my cerebrum.

You want to hear some

trendy, inspiring, knowledge worthy story

which can capture your feelings

or can change your life for good.

Mind always wants to receive,

a sort of divine attraction is felt in reception!

My words are fruitless, impotent, meaningless

My phonetics are sleeping

I am voiceless, speechless!

I just wish to go deep down in your heart

and to write a song of your heartbeats,

the song which is carried all along in your blood!

But I can’t

But I wish I can.

I wish to be brilliant in expression!

Pendulum always swings between

words said, which we shouldn’t

which we should, words remain unsaid!

These jingles give birth to senseless

like if I say

“dhihdi ahdhiuh ahyekfo fhushki”

– result of random hitting of keys!

– vomiting of random reflexes!

Not all the words carry meaning

I wish you can understand

I wish you can understand

when I randomly hit keys to say something

to write those senseless, meaningless words.

I wish you can!

I wish!


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Aaaahaa…..this is first time, someone (except my mom), has written a poem for me….. 🙂  🙂 The poetry magic is all spreading in PG, and I am happy my friend has come-up with few lines for me…….Love You A!

There is one danger combination

 of a dreamer and a philosopher

We got one here with us………..imagine that!

She has got nothing else on mind,

waiting for her prince charming  🙂

Guys, please don’t care to come this way…

if you love your life!

But thats how life is!!

We like the philosophy behind it!

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Freeness of rain fall


Abundance of the wholeness


Impervious to reason


Silent call made


by mother earth,


Angles are




by heaven.


Unending blessings!


Utopian grace of beauty!


Tears came


with eternal smile.


Kiss blown


with love in eyes.


Gift of








to keep


whole cosmos


in the palms


with every rain drop.

Rain, Rain, Rain…………….Thanks, Thanks, Thank You God! 🙂

Rain drops on leaves in my garden. (pic taken – 7:20am)

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Eyes sparkled

seeing moonlight

Love she imagined

a feeling

of holding hands


quaggy touch.

Love she felt

butterflies fluttered

on her palm

– a little romance with herself!


Body electrified

watching sea tide

Love she imagined

a feeling

of pulsating moment


thrilling hug.

Love she felt

sitting on seashore

assaying each tide coming near

– a little romance with herself!


Ear splintered

reciting some smitten poem

Love she imagined

in radiant, angelic

poetic words.

Love she felt in


– blankness, vacuousness

tranquility of sub rosa

where imagination fly blindly

– a perfect romance with herself!

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Sometimes I think

to fictionize myself

as that trendy girl

making my life

little bit daedal

little bit elemental

sometimes I feel

to vomit out complexity

believing mystery is what

you love to solve.

The inquisitive mystery in

my vibrant lipstick

my blackish mascara

or the pinkish blusher.

with me in salacious dress.

Sometimes my heart

makes me to believe

innocence can never

give birth to mystery.

Simplicity cannot shout

for it is always confined

in some rigid walls of mind.

May be I hold somewhere

some misleading, absurd,

foolish and adulterated

definition of ‘innocence’ and ’simplicity’.

Everyone shouted

to change, to adapt to be a

pixyish, whimsical woman.

I tried and grossed out

“I have to change to get love”

But that was not easy

not because

my trail was not vigorous

but because

I have started to think

“How I will hold the end?”

They can make me to learn

the game rules

and how to play

creating mysterious mystery.

But I am the only one

to end the game.

For I always feared void, end,

the end – beginning of nothingness.

For I always love to play the game

with my heart and my soul. 

I will be the loser

in both the ways. 

Sometimes I think,

If I give my hand to you,

You will surely hold it

not because you want to hold it for life

but because you want to help me

to cross the road.

Sometimes I wonder

‘crossing the road’ is

far better and simpler

than creating the mystery to seize you!


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I sat besides you

to see

a similitude of hearts,

trying to match lines

of my right palm

with the lines

of your left palm.

For I always heard

resemblance floats

in HIS right hand

with HER left hand.

A search of love!

-ridiculous search

-foolish mind

-ludicrous hope

-unbelievable truth


– sprightliness of heart!

My trial to finish an agreement

between my soul and my body!

I wonder

Why can’t I know my love from

his enlightened eyes

his playful touch

his soft hairs

his tranquil kiss

or his halcyon hug!


I wonder

about these dead lines,

carrying  my love, my soul!

I hallowed my prayers,

in front of deity, my God.

Unknowingly to see one day,

some ‘identity’ ‘resemblance’!

electricity fierced my body,

some unseen darkness,

‘pralay’ took earth below my feet!

Are ‘YOU’ my soulmate,

How can I see my left lines

on this deity’s right hand?

Search is still continuing…….

not for ‘YOU’

but for the painter

who painted ‘YOU’,

painting your left hand

exactly like my right hand!

I wonder and I am still wondering…….

Who are you, my painter, my love, my soulmate?

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