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Nature abhora a vacuum, and if I can walk with sufficient carelessness, I am sure to be filled! 


Yesterday night while surfing the channels, I just stopped seeing Sandra Bullock on Star Movies. And within five minutes, I was completely lost in the movie Premonition. I just love these dialogues between Linda (Sandra) and Father.

“You see, history is full of unexplained phenomenon. Nobody knows why……Some people thought, they suffered from what the Ancients called ‘blasphemare absence feels’; the dangers of the faithless…..

“The faithless…..”

“It’s the notion that Nature abhors a vacuum. Even a spiritual one. People who have lost their beliefs, they are like empty vessels. More susceptible to having their lives taken over by forces bigger than themselves.”

“Almost like a curse.”

“Or a miracle!”

“Ya…..well I don’t believe in miracles.”

“Everyday we are alive can be a miracle.”


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