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I am bird, they say of endless ill omen

I am curse of God

they say of exile and poverty

Please say,

When God started giving curses…….

Please say,

Why wings can’t make me to fly………


I am flower, they say for departed

I am divine like goddess

they say, came to end yearnings of few

Please say,

When soul of dead will take me to heaven……

Please say,

Why men are born with hunger of lust……..


I am radiance, they say of falling star

I am deep darkness

they say of unending doom and cataclysm

Please say,

Why no-one is there to love ill-fated doom………

Please say,

Why they make godly wish seeing falling star……..


They shout at me

“I am Girl………I am Girl”

Please say,

What it means to be a girl?

Just for one time, please say,

What it means to be a girl

What it means……………….


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I wonder……..

If I have to

give all my


to spread out

a circle from

a dot


If I have to

give all my

strength to


a circle to

again get a dot


If I have to

allow myself

to standstill and


kinetics of circle



I wonder,

I question,

which ‘IF’ can give me

more torture

more wound

more heartache!

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A door opened



and then closed

for unknown sanity

Which is better?

Should I think?

Let it go……..


A step taken

to get


and then

taken back

as no question asked

Should I question?

Let it go………..


A stage set

to show


but then


as all players gone

Should I search?

Let it go………


Let it go………

Let it go……….

I embraced new mantra

and then shouted

“For How Long?”

but then

heart answered

“Let it go…………….”

But tell me WHERE?

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in fraction of a second


from the cracks


gives more fulminant pain






which moves lethargically


making departure


festival of


hopefulness and




Decorous timing




always attached


for sun’s




Flickering timing of




always fills life




mysterious questions




unfelt fear.


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Wandering aimlessly in the wordpress, I came across this quote,

“if you know what you are going to write when you’re writing a poem, it’s going to be average.” — derek walcott

This made me to write something without thinking about the subject. I don’t want to write some best poem of my life, just wanted to do some simple experiment. Basically, wanted to see the result of  experiment – an experiment having curosity as how the lines will appear one after another, if I allow them to flow naturally.

These are the words which came up:-

Sprials of clouds drawn,

to environ my soul with purity;

Filling all the crevasses


squashy squishy,

mushy pappy love.

My ears all have been stuffed

with the melancholy

of some unknown music.

Nebulous giving out bubbles

filling my blue sky

And an amazingly cloudiness

dancing around me;

A sort of-

Ductile fracture

Was inside my soul,

which had made part of my heart




The part is now furiously cut

by the light and the rain

inside my clouds

to keep it away from my soul;

Woundness within you

is a lifelong curse

– a mental illness

moonstrucked with some haze!

Ultimate pain once

is always better than

to live in pain life-long!

My palms are wet now,

with raindrops on my cheeks….

The maskara in my eyes is running down

as I have stepped to dance with these clouds!

– a platonic utopian love with my love!


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