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I am bird, they say of endless ill omen

I am curse of God

they say of exile and poverty

Please say,

When God started giving curses…….

Please say,

Why wings can’t make me to fly………


I am flower, they say for departed

I am divine like goddess

they say, came to end yearnings of few

Please say,

When soul of dead will take me to heaven……

Please say,

Why men are born with hunger of lust……..


I am radiance, they say of falling star

I am deep darkness

they say of unending doom and cataclysm

Please say,

Why no-one is there to love ill-fated doom………

Please say,

Why they make godly wish seeing falling star……..


They shout at me

“I am Girl………I am Girl”

Please say,

What it means to be a girl?

Just for one time, please say,

What it means to be a girl

What it means……………….

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Smitten by solitary marigold


in some lonesome corner


succumbing to death


Made me to plant marigold


in my own ravishing garden.


Each passing second made me 


doleful, gloomy, my life in blue.


Each second when I saw


tainted leaves of marigold


rancid flowers dying!


May be angels forgot to rain……


I cried whole night, amuck tears


showered to water my marigold.


I failed with my swollen, puffy eyes


I failed horrendously


I failed for I cannot see death.


I replanted my marigold


in same lonesome corner


in a hope,


originality is what,


which gives strength to fight.


I can now see my marigold


fighting death and surviving with new bud


Adieu is not some good bye to end……


but good bye to hold on forever in memory.

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Why are promises made? Why we need to give assurance for the future to someone? Does it not create some sort of obligation, some binding in the relationship? Why don’t we just go and give all the feelings to the relationship in such a way that both the sides know some silent, unsaid promises will always be kept. Promises have captured such an important part of our life, infact I am feeling that the foundation of all the pious relationship starts with ‘promises’.


I see myself in mirage of your promises

rather than in mirror which you hold.

Why are promises made?

Has the sky also promised mother

to shower rain,

light the night with stars and moon?

Has the air also promised the leaves

for thrilling life,

unending growth and balmy love?

May be yes,

May be a promise made in silence!

Why are promises made?


Why enigma spirals around my life

And you need to give me

derision binding with some subtle words

languid in falseness.

I collect your warm raindrop promises

on my palm, hiding it from sun

But with a fear when barren will appear,

these raindrops will turn vultures

gashing every portion of my soul.

I can’t see now ladder of your promises

but derision binding of my expectations.


Why are promises made?

You always draw love aroma by promises

Assuring me that you are always by my side

You are just a treacherous hunter, hunting my dreams

Please, don’t bind me….

Even I know you are just bystander

But I love to hear your words,

these falseness, meaningless

even when I know they are metaphors, fairy tales!

I love when you captivate me within promise bars

and I love to shout, “Why are promises made?”

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No thought is flickering my mind

I am aphonic in this silence

except with few shallow, hollow words

jumping to come out from my cerebrum.

You want to hear some

trendy, inspiring, knowledge worthy story

which can capture your feelings

or can change your life for good.

Mind always wants to receive,

a sort of divine attraction is felt in reception!

My words are fruitless, impotent, meaningless

My phonetics are sleeping

I am voiceless, speechless!

I just wish to go deep down in your heart

and to write a song of your heartbeats,

the song which is carried all along in your blood!

But I can’t

But I wish I can.

I wish to be brilliant in expression!

Pendulum always swings between

words said, which we shouldn’t

which we should, words remain unsaid!

These jingles give birth to senseless

like if I say

“dhihdi ahdhiuh ahyekfo fhushki”

– result of random hitting of keys!

– vomiting of random reflexes!

Not all the words carry meaning

I wish you can understand

I wish you can understand

when I randomly hit keys to say something

to write those senseless, meaningless words.

I wish you can!

I wish!


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Aaaahaa…..this is first time, someone (except my mom), has written a poem for me….. 🙂  🙂 The poetry magic is all spreading in PG, and I am happy my friend has come-up with few lines for me…….Love You A!

There is one danger combination

 of a dreamer and a philosopher

We got one here with us………..imagine that!

She has got nothing else on mind,

waiting for her prince charming  🙂

Guys, please don’t care to come this way…

if you love your life!

But thats how life is!!

We like the philosophy behind it!

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Why they formulated

such complex definition

of humanity?

– kindness

– mortality

– compassion

Why can’t they understand,

we are humans?

Every time humanity

can’t come out from

human womb

We are ‘humans’

not with blood running in

some blue, green veins

and where each credit of

heartbeat is required to live.

Why can’t they understand

we can’t mould our soul, body

to become football

so that anyone can kick us

in any direction they like!

Our blood boils sometimes

giving steam anger from eyes

Skin can roast and we

need to shout some cold words

to shiver others.

Why can’t they understand

Heart wants to be knavish

Want to experience some fake joy

with a sinister purpose

Why then every time they shout

‘Be Human’

‘Be Human’

Why they formulated

such complex definition

of humanity?

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My favourite time of the day………(pic taken- 23-7-2008, 7:15pm)

lavender cushion

of day

glittering headlights

on road

raven black flights

on sky

dancing leaves

with balmy breeze

sonorous vibration

on ear drums

heartbeats telepathy

inside body

No words left to say…

Whenever I try to 

take steps…….

Eternity comes

to keep


of tranquility

in my vacant lap.

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I wonder……..

If I have to

give all my


to spread out

a circle from

a dot


If I have to

give all my

strength to


a circle to

again get a dot


If I have to

allow myself

to standstill and


kinetics of circle



I wonder,

I question,

which ‘IF’ can give me

more torture

more wound

more heartache!

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From morning a different sort of feeling is wavering my mind. A feeling, ‘something is going to happen’, is pumping out from my heart. I am not able to define it. But it is shaking my mind, making me namby-pamby puppet. I have become dormant and without a feel of what is happening around me. As if all my senses are dumb and I am finding myself going deep into that restlessness. I want to come out from this…………want some change………….

Teeter totter life

Life of climacteric


every moment

new melancholic

skyrockets from

heart and body

What is this?

Is this a fear?

Or something else?

Body shakes


kooky loony

vibration of heartbeats.

Insane electricity

starts from

toe and reaches brain,

to scrabble all words.

I can’t speak….

I can’t……

I wish, I can!

May be someone very far,

is knitting a booby trap.

May be my cognizant shadow

in ambush near unknown corner!


Please, say something….

Listen my silence………

Listen my heart………

for my body is busy

playing seesaw with life!

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Freeness of rain fall


Abundance of the wholeness


Impervious to reason


Silent call made


by mother earth,


Angles are




by heaven.


Unending blessings!


Utopian grace of beauty!


Tears came


with eternal smile.


Kiss blown


with love in eyes.


Gift of








to keep


whole cosmos


in the palms


with every rain drop.

Rain, Rain, Rain…………….Thanks, Thanks, Thank You God! 🙂

Rain drops on leaves in my garden. (pic taken – 7:20am)

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