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Growing up into a woman,

is not some ephemerality

from dolls to diamonds.

It feels to be on a sheer voyage,

crossing many bridges,

linking many horizons of my eyes.

Some unknown bridges

would have appeared

from playful structures

of sand lying outside my house,

when sand was just enough

to show the skills of innocence.

Some unfelt happiness

would surely have escaped

from the cries when

rubber color of my right braid

would not match with my left.

Cries which made mother

to pleat hairs again for me.

Some utopian meaning

would surely have changed

of the tears from

frailty to emphatic.

The hugs of the barbie dolls

The random fights with brother.

All appears to be just house of dust!

The scoldings and kisses of papa

when report-card shown to him,

The understanding which now

came of the shinning twinkle

in his eyes!

Where the time was confined

in second and minute hands

and the transition now shows

time in indigo color of the sky,

the rain drops felt by the body

and some ripen moments of life!

Happiness changed from

undiminished joy to angelic ache.

The pleasing amiable ache

which defines the power of woman

A transit of an ordinary girl

in white shirt and grey skirt

into an unordinary woman

in the purity and power of divinity!


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