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On 3rd May I got engaged and when I look back reminding all the days, it seems that time is just flying away. It was all-a-kind of arrange marriage. And love………hmmmm….well, I don’t know if I have fallen in love or not but I am feeling somewhat different. Hope I will get to know how the love feels!

And when one of my PG-mate got to hear about my ‘arrange’ marriage, she was literally surprised and said, “You still have to fall in love, it must be difficult for you”. Well, my answer is…..”Haule haule ho jayaga pyar” and that too, when God has mde him for me! Rab ne bana di Jodi 😉

Song for this moment……..


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I can see love in his eyes, but there seems to be fakeness

I can see hatered in his eyes, but there seems to be trueness

Should I accept his love with fakness or his trueness of hatered?

And at last……………..I accepted his trueness, even of hatered!

Sorry Guys, for not being around for so loooong. Life has just taken a turn with my engagement. I have to write so many things, about the questions that life has given me. And I know, it requires lot of patience for my answers to come. Thanks to all of you for dropping by in this small world of  my ponderings.

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