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Just a thought….

You don’t feel lonely when no-one is there but you feel lonely when you need and expect someone to be with you and that someone never takes a turn towards you.


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A thought……

Sometime I just wish that I would have told everything about my life to everyone and I would have enough strength not to repent later for what all I did.

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A try in Hindi……

raat ki andheri mein, anchal mein simatker

ghumsum si baithi rehti ho

aaker kuch kehta hu tumse

tow aapni palako se jawab de deti ho


har tasveer tumhara chehra aab deekhati hai

baat karne tumse baithta hu tow

aankhon se muskaraker

chup si khadi hoker mujhe dekhne lagti ho


aayina deekhta hu mein, tumhara tabasum simat jata hai

haar ker baithne lagta hu mein

tow haath pakadker mujhko

chand se milvane le jati ho

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In fight…..

  • with loneliness
  • to know the meaning of relationship
  • to divert my mind
  • in knowing one name to whom I can make a call
  • to know what to do next
  • and atlast………..with myself!!

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Just a thought….

Sometime it feels that life is nothing more than to accept the things that doesn’t matter and to let go the things that really matters to you!

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I can see love in his eyes, but there seems to be fakeness

I can see hatered in his eyes, but there seems to be trueness

Should I accept his love with fakness or his trueness of hatered?

And at last……………..I accepted his trueness, even of hatered!

Sorry Guys, for not being around for so loooong. Life has just taken a turn with my engagement. I have to write so many things, about the questions that life has given me. And I know, it requires lot of patience for my answers to come. Thanks to all of you for dropping by in this small world of  my ponderings.

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You cannot say ‘no’ to the people you love, not often. That’s the secret. And when you do, it has to sound like ‘yes’. Or you have to make them say No. 

~Don Vito Corleone

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