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When sporadic thought springs-up

a wish lingers with it

for you to think my thought

I wonder……..What then……

if you would have known

my wish

my thought

-Just an innocent telepathy


When every dawn crosses darkness

a wish lingers with it

for you to become my first light

I wonder……..What then……

if you would have known

my wish

my light

-Just an innocent telepathy


When I lift heart towards heaven

a wish lingers with it

for us to wish with same shooting star

I wonder……..What then…..

if you would have known

my wish

my prayer

– Just an innocent telepathy

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Thought Click……

Smiles become withered rainbows when they are offered too often, for the sake of what is expected.

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Right Now…..

My father has come down to my city for some official work, I am staying with my childhood friend, Holiday is planned for this weekend, Plans are maturing to go to my native………….

Who will like to work with all these happenings? Just want to shrug-off all my office stuff and want to escape atleast for a week from my work!

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TAG TAG – Numbers!!

I have not been tagged by anyone but stealing this tag from here. It has been very long since I landed in the tag world and the moment I had seen this number tag, had made-up my mind to do it. And today is the day!

What it is supposed to do? If life could be defined in numbers, I have to layout mine.

0 – Holiday mood. For me, this is a sleepy number, not in a mood to do anything.

1 – My birth date! For me, it is all the special moments that had once crossed my life. My body clock’s time to go for lunch.

2 – My experience in IT. Number of schools that I have changed.

3 – Very rare get along with the people having their birth date as 3.  The number of years that I am away from home. Triple bond in my masters. Number of watches that I have.

4 – My life transition number. I landed in bangalore, got selected for my masters, got my job and if it is four, I know it will surely bring some change in my life.

5 – My birth Month. Time for my office cab. Time for which I always think of getting up early morning but never make-up.

6 – This number always make me to remember my six subjects of my study.

7 – My alarm time. Time in the evening that I love most. Makes me to remember my favourite teacher of 7th standard. Number of pictures of God, I have in my puja room. Number of soft toys that I have now in my room.

8 – Very few people have crossed my life with this birthdate and whoseoever crossed are good friends. Number of books that are pending for me to read.

9 – Always felt a special bond with this number. Mine lucky number. If it is 9 somewhere, I will surely make somehow. Time at which I start for my office.

Everyone is invited to take this tag!!

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I am always mesmerized by the occult magic, that feathers, crystals, music, candles. It feels as if I am in different world and some angel will appear from the clouds to tell me something that is very important for my life. Well, this post is not of my gibberish talks but the conversation that happened between me and Tarot Reader J. There are very very few people of this profession for whom I feel respect from my heart. And others are smart enough only to know how to trick people. While reading my tarot cards, our conversation took a turn towards relationships and went like this……..

J – Hmm…..why you want to go for arrange marriage?

Me – Well, I always wanted to go for arrange marriage. If I would have felt love for anyone, then would have thought the other way.

J – Never it happened to you that by seeing someone you got that special trigger and your heart starts pumping and hands sweating.

Me – No, never! Does this ever happened to you? I never felt that feeling.

J – Oh yeah, for me it had happened many many times…..(after seeing my surprised look)….may be I am very sensitive! (Does that trigger relate somewhere to sensitivity?)

Me – Don’t know! But is this trigger not fake? How can you be so sure that trigger relates to love? Even if the trigger appears at one moment, there are chances for it go in the next few moments. How can someone be so sure about unsurety?

J – Why are you thinking about making trigger that serious? Feel it, Open yourself to other and Let Go.

Me – How can I let go my words if I know that there developed a bond when I had expressed myself for the trigger.  And just for the sake of fake trigger, I don’t want!

J – That trigger is not fake. Feelings are not fake and you have felt that trigger. It was inside you even just for few seconds. When you will try to avoid that trigger then that is flimflam.

Me – I don’t want to rely on feelings, when feelings just come and go and doesn’t stay. And if I will make a go then making someone to get hurt, is the greatest sin.

J – It is not like this. If someone gets hurt, it is because their lack of understanding. We all are on a journey where others are not linked. You are alone here. Love yourself and that’s it!

Me – For me it is very difficult and I don’t have any regrets for my thinking.

And thankfully this topic stopped, to land-up into the career talk.

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My New Fear!!

9 o’clock in the early morning! You are waiting in rickshaw for the signal to give you a way. Suddenly you see one eunuch on one side and to avoid him, you turn your face. Ooooh….on the other side, you see two eunuchs coming towards you and just after few seconds they are encircling your auto and asking for money. They won’t agree if you tell 5 bucks, each of them wants 20 bucks. No matter what you say,  they won’t appear to leave. You suddenly become centre of attraction at that signal. And when you give them their asked money, thankfully they leave then. This was one of my day and it continued to happen next day also at the same signal. Guess what, that signal has become my fear point and I hate if my fate brings me to stand there.

I used to believe that these eununch never come near to girls and their targets are mainly males. I have seen them pulling the guys cheeks if they won’t agree to give money. The worst incident happened to me in Hyderabad. It just moves away the earth below my feet even when I think about it. The way they acted with P and me was horrible and first time in my life I shouted like anything on the road.

I have no idea how to handle these kinda situations! 😦

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                        Zillion hopes fluttering

Ready to sail in wind of balmy love

                             Every dot sparkling

Ready to mingle in aroma of wishes

                               But heart is drifting away…far….very far…

                               And mind is waiting to serve the heart

                                                      Quivering ecstasy

                                                         in wait of one, just one…..ecstatic moment


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