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unlike her quiet silent morning song

this morning

the rain came with lyrical spring song

full of those gusty innocent smiles

and every tear like a bubble vanished

as if her life started loving rain even more

she carried each rain drop with perfection

and kept in her asylum of cloudy heart

not always you live for big things in life

but for the smallest thing

like for a rain drop

and to feel the greatest glory of God

and in the end

when purple melancholy was broken

with bright perfect love of sunshine

every rain drop in her heart

wrapped itself so perfectly

that it seemed

nothing has even been touched by her heartbeats



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there is still dark at the end of the tunnel
am i blind?…………may be!
but i am sure
to be growing blind with each passing day
here each moment create ripples
and i, a sucker of crests
lands in troughs
a fight then begins to drown me
inside my own mysteries
that you created inside me
but the candle that you lighted
inside the dark tunnel
is still glowing
happy as butterfly
shinning as golden twilight in purple haze
the glow makes me to remember our stories
and honestly, I don’t remember what we talked
do we?
but tell me what we talk about when we talk?
inept in giving excuses
i want to tell you
I am always made to believe
i am not wrong
even for the mysteries
that never happened
so I still hold the candle with your memories
thinking you are the right to happen in my life
but the flame just dances
keeping time to hide in waves
flickering mysteries of our memories
not bothering what all I want to say
ranging and roving
but steady, full of mirth
just like escaped you….

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i have always seen

our footsteps marked on sand

with rusted sunset holding our breath.

and now

when i go alone on that seashore

i always find your footmarks

on turning back

those tidal waves still caress them

as if you are their child

or may be they have their own way

of remembering who once stepped with them.

in same need as God of love

i also want to lay my steps

on those marked steps of yours

but every time those tidal waves

throw me high up in the air

where my heart chokes

with thoughts of meeting the horizon

……may be i was an unwelcome guest in your life

or……may be welcomed one but I overstayed

Sometimes i wonder

what if i again see you somewhere

in that shade of rusted sunset!

will then we still be presuming

being ‘US’ is a mistake

or we would have accepted

it doesn’t matter to our lives!

….but tell me once

which is more worse?

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In this moment of sparkling diamond night sky

night presented itself as mercilessly baking the lonely

as if all my silence culminated in wet drop on my chin

and magical spillover ruined every thought of my being

I got up and opened the doors to my blissful balcony

but only to see a road with footsteps transfixed in time

I looked at the moon to tell my strangled unknown story

but only to hear a silence that always long to entwine

I found no one around……….and then silently,

trying not to let my tears escape

I closed my eyes……………

…………………..may be I can talk to my tears


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Are the clouds shinning in this crisp morning

even when the sun is not here to brighten me

and I know my clouds are in dull grey color


Is the life bestowed with beauty and endless joy

even when you are not here sitting besides me

and I know some moments are meant not to have you

either way

Hope is alive; smiling with every breath of mine

and clouds shines with solitary ray meant for ‘us’

making life to exhale certainty of its own existance


Within the certainty in billionth of a second

holds the truth of thousand unsaid warm promises

that your life has touched me somewhere

even when I know you always think……

I am just a Lie.


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Silently when you gaze at grey clouds

holding breath as a bird soar through the clouds

Secretly I look deep into your eyes

to steal ashy, lifeless, sinless dreams

And when you see me hiding them

You come near to me and say

‘Give them Life, Paint my Dreams’

I wonder if you know every of me

I wonder how you imagine me

I wonder if I am your imagination only

I paint your dreams with utopian love

reckon every dream with my breath

And when I come near to you

to keep them again into your eyes

to ablaze your soul

I can only see your closed eyelids

And then I whisper slowly

try to go through little opening of eyelids

But you never open your eyes…

I lay there besides you

waiting for eternity

Just tell me once,

when will you open your eyes for your dreams?


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I never imagined You!

I never imagined you

with lips in shades of blue

where spasmodic laughter

has lived zillion times


with those wrinkles circling your eyes

eyes that still hold the thrill of radiance

of early morning sunshine from pines

I never imagined you

with a heart of tickling heartbeats

that cloaks all joy of zillion daydreams

daydreams not of you, not of me, but of ‘us’


with those crimpled hands

that still holds all the secret promises

mesmerizing our eyes with golden twilight

I never imagined

those cheeks, blenched beneath freckles

as if love is curling-up in the softness

and then flying away into indigo clouds of night

But I imagined…………….

me in-front of you

lying there lifeless


I imagined

every tear

falling tenderly upon my heart

burning the flame

may be of love’s radiating brillance

And then ……………………..

I stopped imagining

Me without You


P.S. For the prompt “One Single Impression”. Poem is about the impression left by the imagination!

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